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    Mining crusher refers to the crushing machinery whose discharge material id is than three millimeters, the content of the high capacity row compound particles total more than 50% of the whole content. Which was invented by British Heng. According to the size of feeding and nesting coexistence, Crushing operations is often divided into the rough broken in pieces and crushing. The usually use machine are Gravel equipment jaw crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher, compound single-stage hammer crusher, vertical crusher, gyratory crusher, cone crusher, roll crusher, crusher machine, double roll crusher, two-in-one crusher and so on. France Babcock Fives consortium be MR MRG and DES produced four types of single elbow crusher. DES-type single-elbow crusher manufactured by Fives Lille-Cail, ER the MR the MRG three single elbow crusher producido por Appareils Dragon.let us look in detail to introduces you the crusher features of these types of specifications: The main features of the the DSe type single elbow crusher is the mine mouth is large, which is adapted to the mining and ore crushing coarse. Used for the cast steel rack, so when choosing this crusher, we need to test the rate of channel and installation of equipment ability whether adapted to the crusher. The Broken chamber is obstructive.

    The box-shaped steel casting move palate. Manganese steel tooth plate is divided into paragraphs, and can turn around to use. Given palate is linear. (Source: Boy Scouts of America). Forged eccentric shaft and adopted a double row roller bearings. Pai mine mouth bolt adjustment plus or minus pads. Broken elbow pull insurance. The be single elbow crusher currently contains SER35 and SER45 two specifications, since the specification is too small, only applies to the laboratory, semi-industrial testing and sample use.

    MRG-type feeding port is long and narrow, so the adaptation was broken in the second with no special structure. MR type is adapted to hard abrasive ore, and water content in the materials handling will not be affected, as to the abrasive rocks, the company recommends that they produced BW series of elbows crusher. MR crusher maximum size of 1600 1300 mm. The crushing chamber is non-blocking. Rack steel plate welded structure. The eccentric shaft is Zhu roll bearings. The tooth plate is divided into paragraphs, you can turn around to use. Fixed palate and move palate inclined to install both ends of the bending of the tooth plate, the middle of a straight line. Bracket with the bracket seat rolling contact.


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