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    All the damage you have done will be forgiven them, but he will survive in the heart of all the thorn that these brothers, by a vile metal had the awareness to sell his own mother and leave it at close range of the enemies of our people. Therefore now we live a via crucis in our communities with the Government the jaquis and whites who are in the capital that they call their homeland, while they sell what took us to always save for all the generations of the world as a legacy of nature that man continues to exist in. Health organizations is open to suggestions. We also teachers are grass of the shame and humiliation, with salaries that we clipped, even more contracted have festering, but even so we fulfill our duty, because the main thing is to banish from our students the blinders that the consumer society has them mired and the wonders of the individualism that depersonalized them and returns them beings contrary to the historical development of their communities. Why everything is in our hands once again the rebuild our society based on the principles that our ancestors bequeathed to us and that had as purpose the of having a society free of poverty, ignorance and neglect. A society of solidarity to all, and among all, that follow the heading to infinity of humanity, that is the society we must build and is left as a task.


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