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    Spanish Paradise meets Mediterranean floral species that evoke the aromas of the Andalusi earthly paradise. The interior galleries there are reproductions of architectural examples detailing the complexity of construction. An exhibition with newspapers, prints, watercolors, photos and writings attests to the influence of the Alhambra in artists from the 16th to the 20th centuries. The gardens of the Alhambra in Granada were created to represent the paradise on Earth, why pursue the pleasure of the senses. To smell, aromatic plants and flowers; color, light and shadow are a gift to the sight; to the touch, the textures of the finest materials; for taste, the taste of the fruit that grows on trees.

    The complicated hydraulic system makes it possible to more sensitive sources, which spoil the ear. Click Alona Tal to learn more. In the construction and subsequent additions are always Jack decorate with care up to the last space. The walls are crowded plasterwork and ceramics with motives vegetable and calligraphic. Additional information at Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala supports this article. Casings are protected by carved wooden and many of the Interior arches are false and its sole purpose is the solace of who contemplates them. The New York Botanical Garden pays homage to the exuberance and sophistication of one of the most important constructions of the story with a sample of plants, elements decorative, manuscripts, paintings, photos, objects and poetry related to the Grenadian fortified Palace.

    Spanish Paradise: Gardens of the Alhambra (Spanish paradise: gardens of the Alhambra) is the botanical part of this celebration, which evokes the aesthetics, colors and aromas that this arcadia Andalusi concentrates. Romero, coves, lemon trees and the interpretation of the mythical gardens of the walled city Palms occupy about 1,400 square meters of the surface of the enclosure. Plants, fountains and architectural elements combine to give you an idea of how the monument remains an example of harmony between nature and design. Varied Mediterranean vegetation includes between other species romero, African lilies, Bougainvilleas, coves, heliotropes and Sage. Among the trees there are specimens of lemon trees, granados or Palms that alongside the Roses provide the mixture of fragrances that holds the Alhambra since medieval times. In the Interior of the Botanical Garden galleries there are small architectural examples of the characteristics of the construction for a better understanding of the challenge posed by the time a walled city with as much sophistication. Triple arches, parterres, batteries and sources illustrate an unrepeatable mix of architecture, engineering, and horticulture. The sample is not limited to sumptuous flora. The Historical Views exhibition: Tourists at the Alhambra (historical visions: tourists in the Alhambra) is a compendium of the passions that has raised construction artists and international travelers. The Hispanic Society of America provides to the New York Botanical Garden bibliographical rarities, prints, photographs, watercolours and objects related to the Alhambra, from the 16th century to the 20th century. Among the jewels of the collection there are 16th century documents that offer the first detailed descriptions of la Alhambra. Engravings that between 1665 and 1668 drafted the French artist Louis Meunier also include the first artistic manifestations that show the interiors of the Palace. It also highlights a diary of the romantic writer Washington Irving, a lover of Spanish culture, published a collection of essays and stories related to the Alhambra, which fell in love after spending the summer of 1829 hosted there. Organizers complete this review with readings of poems and roundtables in lathe to the figure of the Granada Federico Garcia Lorca, tastings of Mediterranean cuisine and flamenco performances.

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    / The last medical party indicates that it is stable within the seriousness. Meanwhile, the Civil Guard investigates the accident in which one person died and in which Ortega Cano could have invaded the opposite lane. The Board of the State Association of victims of traffic accidents requests that the Bullfighter should pay for their recklessness. The status of the farmer and bulls exmatador Jose Ortega Cano is stationary, as he has indicated this Tuesday a family member. Everything remains the same.

    It does not advance forward, but must not kick. The situation is stationary () are on the lookout. Still in the fight, with the hope that everything is going to overcome, were the last words of the relative of the bullfighter, who last Saturday was involved in a traffic accident. The unique medical part facilitated this Tuesday by the hospital Macarena in Seville, where it is entered, pointed out Tuesday that the patient continued sedoanalgesiado and connected to mechanically ventilated in the ICU, while their situation It remained stable within the seriousness. Rumors disseminated by some media suggested that his State had deteriorated by hemorrhages have not been officially confirmed. The accident, under accident investigation took place around 22,40 hours this Saturday, when the vehicle of the former matador collided head-on with another at kilometer 28 A-8002 road which links Seville with Castilblanco de los Arroyos, in particular, at the height of the urbanisation La Colina. As a result of the impact, died the driver of the other vehicle, identified as C.P.A., of 45 years of age. The Civil Guard traffic police group had opened an investigation in order to clarify the circumstances of the incident, although at the moment the first hypothesis point to the former matador de toro invaded the opposite lane causing the deadly collision.

    In this sense, research sources have reported that Jose Ortega Cano was driving at inappropriate speeds, if well not much higher than allowed on that stretch of road, and at one point he invaded the opposite lane colliding with another vehicle. Sources have made it clear that, due to the severity of the wounds that had not it could be subjected to the breathalyzer test, although, according to the testimony of the doctors who attended him, the bulls exmatador not had symptoms of ingesting alcohol. To pay for their recklessness La Board of the State Association of traffic accident victims (DIA) has urged prosecutors to act against the Bullfighter Ortega Cano for his recklessness in the accident. The President of the day, Francisco Canes, has explained that the Board agreed to urge the public prosecutor to require the bullfighter, once it recovers from serious injuries sustained in the accident, to pay for this recklessness fatal even with jail, if applicable. After wishing prompt recovery of the right-handed, Canes has emphasized that this partnership is next to the family of the deceased in the accident and at your disposal for all the assistance that may be required because, as he has lamented, this is the true victim. In this sense, it has denounced the very unfair situation with the real victim of this accident, which is the deceased and her family, and the created wall to hide it because, he said, if the dead had been Ortega Cano, the other person had been criminalized and would go to the wall. Source of the news: the situation of Ortega Cano is “stationary”, according to a family member


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