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    Coordination function: the coordination of the functional blocks of the operational planning; (7) communication function: the agreement of plans of subdivisions of the company; the fate of the compromise; the fixing of responsibility of executors. In total you can choose five stages of the establishment of the system of budgeting in the organization. The goal of the first stage (the formation of the financial structure) – that allows to develop a model of the structure, which determine the responsibility for the performance of the budget and control the sources of the creation of income and costs. The general scheme of the formation of the aggregate is defined in the second stage (the formation of the structure of the budget) Budget of the company. The computation and financial policy of the Organization evolved as a result of the implementation of the third stage, i.e. the rules of governance and the consolidation of accounting, production and operational consideration according to the restrictions, which are incorporated in the compilations and control (monitoring) of the execution of the budget. The fourth stage is directed on the development of the service regulations of the planning determines the procedures of planning, monitoring, and analysis of the reasons of the failure to comply with the budget, as well as the ongoing correction of the budget. The fifth stage (the introduction of the system of budgeting) absorbs, the work to assemble the operations and financial budgets for the expected period after the correction of the system of budgeting according to the results of the analysis of its compliance with the requirements. Design more important information about performance values you find on our Web page, when you click on the link.


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