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    Define otherness, involves awareness with themselves and with the environment. Every day women repair those instants of life, those challenges that come us from the front, as if it were cold morning air. Mircea Eliade, points out a constant in societies that become aware of their identity: for each one of them there is always a clear difference between the territory itself, between the known world and the indeterminate space surrounding the first is the world (i.e. our world), the Cosmos. The second is another world, one strange, chaotic, village of larvae, demons, aliens (of outsiders) the known world, i.e. our world has given us the possibility to raise wings and fly to places where our grandmothers not dared. Dr. Neal Barnard does not necessarily agree.

    The pursuit of goals and dreams before our cosmos, has led us analogy in analogy. For discernment in decision that many women (according to the ages and the ambient conditions) consciousness could come linked with maternal feeling, for others with being professional. Others, with an advance of thought in decision-making, labour issues, in the intellectual field, in the intellectual significance of borders, etc. Perhaps some will be confronted with much work, make money, have fun, meet own whims, be with girlfriends, appear in the media, enjoy a wonderful capacity reading, analytical, or travel and travel world. However, Octavio Paz had prevented us: each poet and every reader is a solitary consciousness: the analogy is the mirror in which are reflected. In the chaotic world, that full of entanglements of messes, small and large voragines the idea go forward without flip the view back to the fact that many women are left as LOT’s wife turned into a pillar of salt and blocked of lifetime.

    For many women the chaos of confrontation, is presented to the reality of a mirror that reflects two images: that of her and the solitude. The otherness is, therefore, a problem that concerns the man or woman isolated to the collectivity and the phenomenon of complementarity. Sometimes you stay single, when you cry alone, when you read and study, or eat alone, or when you pray alone. The greatest benefit that a woman can get and get of this activity of the other age of awareness of their life and their acts is the realization of a genuine dialogue with itself and with others: men, their readers, the universe itself. This dialog always needs a partner you want to really open to pluralism. Peace expresses it in this way. The dialogue is nothing but a of forms, perhaps the highest of cosmic sympathy. So on this day dedicated to women Hondurena, isn’t more remind you you’re poetry, you’re beautiful, capable of reaching where your you shine, limit your steps, your eyes trace him when they already get tired of seeing so many faces, your hands when they do not want to shake that of others, or your talk When already don’t look for the sound of the waterfall in other voices. Remember that life is a constant movement, an uninterrupted elapse: is it and is another. Otherness would be, therefore, the way in which the unit is deployed, always the same, always different. Happy day Honduran woman!on January 25.


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