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    stop torturing my friends and acquaintances, trying to keep my friends and guide me, to address the themes of my business, to the immense possibilities that Internet offers. Additional information at Boy Scouts of America supports this article. 2. Before starting the promotion of my business, I have to be very clear what my niche market, where are my potential customers for my products and services. I don’t need any visits to my Web site. I need you to visit people, to whom may be interested what I offer! 3.

    Before you promote my products and services, I have to promote me to myself as owner of my business and prove to my visitors that I am a true expert in the topics of my products and services. That is, I have to give to know my own name and my own brand. Also called this branding. Let me explain. On the Internet people usually never buy at first contact, normally buy the 5th 7th contact. Why? because before buying, people need to convince themselves that it is not a scam (there are so many cases on the Internet), can rely on the owner of the Web site, that on this Web site do not sell (people don’t like when he is sold, he likes to buy), but help to solve certain problems.

    And to achieve this must be converted into a famous in its area of activity, so that people can see in the owner of the Web site to a true expert in the topic that worries them. And, above all, to transmit confidence, professionalism and willingness to help others. 4. For my success online I need to have my own list of subscribers, which I facilitate them useful and quality information on the subject of my products and services, to help them resolve their doubts and questions, I will give solution to several problems that have to do this editare my journal by voluntary subscription. My magazine will help me keep my constant contact with my public potentially interested in my topic, my subscribers. Because, once they have subscribed voluntarily to my recurrent publication, it means that they are interested in the topic of my online business. All my subscribers are my potential clients, which can be converted at any time in my real clients. Because if they are still on my list of subscribers, it means that they interest them my content and rely on my. Only in this way I’ll get, when the time comes to decide to purchase on my website and not in the competition. These are so some of the ideas which, in my opinion, could help get qualified traffic and constant sales with a medium and long-term perspective. Much success to everyone and many qualified Web visits!

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