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    Currently, floor covering can be made of cork, wood flooring, parquet and its varieties, solid wood, of porcelain, linoleum, laminate, stone (artificial and natural). When you select, everything is important – and aesthetic side, and specifications, and comfort. Next we discuss the wooden flooring and coatings mimic wood. Natural and at the same time, inexpensive material is a wooden board. Floorboards make sandwich – two lower layers of cheap wood (hence its attractive price), and the top layer – the veneer. Perpendicular placement of layers makes it impossible to curl the board. Another plus is that the laying floorboard is a pretty simple process. Changes in humidity in the premises will not harm this material, for cleaning – all simply easy.

    Laminate floorboard like – it is also easy to install and put in order. Nevertheless, there are nuances – he made of pressed fiberboard. Outside is an imitation of wood fiberboard. As the last layer – melamine-coated, it is resistant to abrasion. Under laminate necessarily to lay the substrate.

    If you are looking for the most economical option flooring with wood imitation, then laminate – what you need. For the manufacture of flooring needed solid wood. Fundamentally necessary to choose the right color and texture of each plate. This coating is one of the expensive ones. Cutting (tangential or radial same) that has an impact on what will result in the texture of wood. Also distinguish between modular and parquet flooring, of course, the styling is different from the packing unit piece. Before proceeding with installation, prepare the ground. A variety of flooring is solid wood, but it is much larger. Under the massive board must be joists or plywood. Sometimes laying solid wood – this is not the last step: when the surface in some cases require more sanding and varnishing (oil). On the advantages of cork coverings (Teplosberezheniya, pleasant surface, easy to clean), heard by no means all – blame this state of the high price. Panel-boards – that's what cork cover, top cover them with oil (varnish), and collect them with locks, or else glued to their base.

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