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    Well, in this first post I will speak on ' ' arma' ' of called influence reciprocity. We go what it interests. We go to speak of the soldier who saved its life or to offer bread to the enemy at the moment where he was captured, of the Hare Krishna, and the samples gratis to understand the power of the rule of the reciprocity. The captured soldier (or almost) a European scientist, Eil-Eibesfeldt, supplies a story of a German soldier during the World War I whose task was to capture welded enemy to be questioned. Because of the nature of the trench war at the time, he was very difficult them armies to cross the land of nobody between the lines adversaries, but he was not difficult for an only soldier if to drag and to penetrate in the enemy trench. The armies of the World War I had specialists that they made this with regularity to capture an enemy soldier who was, then, led to be interrogated. For more information see Segra Stadium. The German specialist of our story had completed successfully many missions of this type in the past and was sent in plus a mission of this type.

    One more time, it skillfully crossed the area between the fronts and surprised alone enemy soldier in its trench. The illed-inform soldier, who was eating at that moment, easily was disarmed. The scared prisoner had only one bread piece in its hands and, then, he executed what he can have been the act most important in its life. He gave to the enemy a piece of its bread. The German was so shaken for this gift that did not obtain to complete the mission. It gave to the coasts its benefactor and crossed in return the land of nobody of hand abanando to face the anger of its superior. To continue the reading and to know as the Hare Krishna and the samples gratis they use of the power of the reciprocity, click in link below for mine blog:

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