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    In one of the villages most ancient of ancient china existed the village of monkeys warriors where, lived a great warrior of countless battles, to that extraordinary warrior was awarded him with the nickname of the Monkey King, for his bravery and his countless exploits but time gives no reverse gear as well as dusk gives scope for the night. Likewise the youth transition gives it to maturity, the warrior was aging, deciding thus depart to live in the more hidden as possible from the village along with her granddaughter. This is how the bold Warrior away from the hustle and bustle was becoming legend through the years. Time later between new generations of warriors apes existed a young warrior who was already holder of several WINS in guerreas. His talent was as big as his vanity. It was in the central square of the village having a fight against another young warrior who is savagely beaten before the look of the people and in the eyes of the elders. -I’m the best Warrior of the village shall have me as your King and give me tribute. But the elder the village in the form of repudiation answered the cocky young – you will be very strong, but you will never be superior to the Monkey King – and where this that such Monkey King from only child I have heard lies and proved to them that I am the best warrior that exists. Fate leads the circumstances and vanity darkens the heart, it is there where does see the bottom the young granddaughter of the Monkey King who takes fruits and food, is taken by the young warrior:-your! You must know where the Monkey King is bringing us to – tea are wrong in my house only live my grandfather and me, we have never seen such Monkey King.

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