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    The more frequent pulmonary picture is the interstitial pneumonite (MARCONDES, 1994). Bao, in consequncia of the reactivity of the system to fagoctico-mononuclear (SFM) and of the esplnicos congestion of sinusides, presents esplenomegalia (FOCACCIA, 1996) In the diagnosis of patologias as Leishmaniose, becomes necessary the use of trustworthy and safe methods that have the capacity to identify the infectados individuals. Such methods must present characteristics, such as capacity of detention of the infection in its initial phase, necessary results, easy execution and low cost. The trustworthiness of the disgnostic is proportionate for combination of different techniques (LOYAL, 2009). BC Ministry of Health has compatible beliefs. Currently, in the laboratorial diagnosis of Leishmaniose, three groups of examinations are used basically, are they: parasitolgicos examinations, imunolgicos examinations and molecular examinations. For accomplishment of the parasitolgico examination, we use some methods, such as direct demonstration of the parasite, isolation in culture in vitro and alive isolation in (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2007).

    The imunolgico examination can be made of two forms, through the intradrmico test (intradermorreao of Montenegro or the leishmanina) or of sorolgicos tests (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2007). The molecular examinations are based on the reaction in chain of polimerase (PCR). More information is housed here: UCBerkeley. The PCR presents high sensitivity and especificidade in the diagnosis of the visceral Leishmaniose, being very useful in the cases suspected with negative parasitolgico diagnosis (SOUZA, 2007). It is important to point out, that the diagnosis of Leishmaniose must more than be carried through with one technique for confirmation, therefore if it deals with a serious illness that can lead to the death. In Brazil, the ways of treatments possess peculiar characteristics due to variety of the contexts where the transmission for the man happens, which is related with the species of the parasites, the vectors, the reservoirs and ecosystems (CASTELLANO, 2005). In accordance with Amato (2006), the World-wide Organization of the Health and the Health department of Brazil indicate for the treatment of the Leishmaniose Tegumentar and the Visceral Leishmaniose, the anfotericina B (desoxicolato and lipossomal); glucantime (antimoniato of glucamina N-metil) and the pentamidinas (sulphate of pentamidina and mesilato of pentamidina).

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