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    In 1926, Bentley released a new model with brakes all-wheel drive and 6.5-liter engine, developing 147 hp. New also is the winner of numerous races. Followed by 4,5-engine. And again, success! In addition to the victory comes the long-awaited financial well-being – in 1928 company once again is on the verge of bankruptcy. The new owner of Bentley Motor is the Rolls-Royce has long tochivshy tooth to a young competitor, manages to sell more expensive cars in its class. Under the "Rolls-Royce model 3,5 L, touted as a "silent sports car." Against this was the end of the following models were created entirely on the basis of "Rolls-Royce and Walter Bentley in 1935, moves to the position of Technical Director of "Lagonda", collected the luxury sports cars. Subsequently, "Lagonda" entered into a joint company of Aston Martin Lagonda, and developed by Bentley 6-cylinder engines used in models which can not be sold without success until 1952 until it was introduced two-door sports Continental R, recognized by contemporaries of the fastest sedans in the world.

    He developed a speed of 187 kilometers per hour in 1955 Bentley S Steel benefit – a model of Mulsanne Turbo has been recognized by experts in one of the best sedans in the world, which under the force was no match even appeared almost 10 years later, Mercedes-Benz 600SEL. Success inspired the creators of "Bentley" and they decided to re-individualize famous brand, that it differs from the "Rolls Royce". Remembering the glory Continental R in the 1990's displayed a few remakes of "Continental: Continental-Azure, Continental R, Continental T. They differ in a luxurious finish with powerful engines, aggressive view, combining the elegance and quality sports cars. Briton German blood at the end of xx century "Rolls-Royce as well as the entire British car industry was in dire straits. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Forum for Theological Exploration.

    As a result, the company that delivers cars for royals several years, supplying about 30% of components for Rolls-Royces. " The best example is the Bentley Arnage, equipped with engine cylinder capacity of 4.5 liters of engine builders bmw and Cosworth. The first truly folksvagenovsky Bentley – ex Speed 8 sales are increasing every year. The first half of 2007, "Bentley" could catch up and overtake its direct competitors: the Maybach and Rolls-Royce, having sold 5,600 cars. Top model "Bentley" is today Continental gt Speed, equipped with a 6-liter, 12 cylinder which develops power of 610 hp Maximum speed of 326 km per hour, and to disperse hundreds of just 4.5 seconds. Price is also true impressive – in Europe from 275 thousand dollars in a standard professional car thieves. This summer, "Bentley" stole almost daily. Police break his head who can come into his head to steal a car every detail of which has its own identification number. Quite possible disappearance of luxury cars yet. However, criminals are chasing is not for the most expensive models. The most expensive Bentley is the Bentley Blouer '1931 release, sold at auction for a rare vehicles in California for 4.51 million. Over time, will find the price and donated by Bentley Queen Elizabeth ii machine, which is equipped with special rear doors through which crowned head could out of the car without bending over. If it is certainly not stealing.

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