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    Why independent women's health? Certainly, on many factors, rightly so. It remains to note of them for themselves the most important to be able to respond to signals the body. Health organizations: the source for more info. Let me give you five terms of women's health: Term number 1 – mood Have you ever noticed that a bad mood, susceptibility to stress are the cause of ailments, stomach disorders and lower immunity. I think each of us had a similar experience. Why is there such a relationship? The reason lies in a particular state of human intestinal microflora, which is experiencing stress.

    The composition of the intestinal mucosa is disturbed by the action of stress hormones – adrenaline and norepinephrine – and millions of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli are immune, can not gain a foothold on it. In such circumstances, they just die, and our well-being is deteriorating. Recipe for a good mood: Identify their factors irritation and try to collide with them to overcome their anger, keeping calm. Orthodox Christians in this prayer will help. At the moment when you catch up with the idea: "How come it's annoying me!" – Bay it, and do not develop further. Think about the good events in your life, remember the pleasant moments of calm – for someone – this is my mother's eyes, the smile of a child, the surf, the smell of the forest, the music of Mozart. Learn how to switch internal focus on positive images in the moment of irritation. In times of stress, after consulting with his personal physician, drink probiotics.

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