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    Whatever time was not on the court will always play, because they symbolize the continued happy life together of two people, a family. Of course, weddings in different years were organized in different ways. Always curious to know what were the wedding dresses from our grandmothers, which was the scenario for the wedding of 50, 100 years ago. Therefore, the exhibition dedicated to the wedding, causing a constant interest. One of them opened in the complex Tsaritsyno popular venue for weddings. See detail the beginning of xx century – as if to try it, imagine yourself bride past years.

    You can spend hours wandering the exhibition, examining the exhibits, learning the history of things. Read more here: Vahid David Delrahim. Here's the glass Miniature dress, shoes, hat and gloves. Worth date -1909 year. A century ago, these things are put on two lovers – a school teacher. My wedding dress teacher kept as a relic. Even during the evacuation from besieged Leningrad, when they had to take most importantly, it saved only a bag of things, among which was the dress. Here's another one – a very modest, in flower, stitched in 1941. Then the bride was not able to put it on – the day of registration, June 22, groom volunteered for the front.

    But after 10 years of marriage is gone! And the bride, who waited for a loved one was in that dress! Cvoya history and a dress with a fluffy nylon skirt. It is considered lucky because it married 5 girls. There is such a sign – the more the bride wear the same dress, so it is happier. And if the mom to invite her wedding dress, think before you give up And of course, the exhibition can be seen today chic outfits. For example, the amazing wedding dress designer collections Yudashkin. Of course, not just wedding dresses draw attention. Here you can enjoy the ritual mirrors, candle holders, combs, personnel records to see Komsomol weddings shot in the 20's of last century. Among the rarities – an account issued for the tailoring of dowry fashionable St. Petersburg salon "Olga" in 1916. 1,850 rubles for a wedding dress, elektrikglyase dress, sealskin coats, veils and other things. No one then had no idea how soon the changes will occur in the country The rarity and pass on the scarce things that stood out to young during the Soviet period when applying for registration. It turns out, to find coupons for the exhibition was very difficult! Maybe after some time on a similar exhibition will be among the exhibits and one of the dresses or things present brides – Modern Bride too, have something surprise!

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