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    Most people live without regaining consciousness. R. Schlegel. Dear friends! Federal Agency on Youth Affairs in partnership with the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Russian Federation is the most bright ambitious program of national youth project "Russia-2020". We want to get the answers to these questions. 1.

    What Russia will be in 2020? 2. How and by whom will be implemented personnel, cultural and innovative revolution in country? The main task of the project – to give young people the country the opportunity to realize their talents and prepare for a revolutionary change and, as a result, take their rightful position in society and the country's renovation. Project, including one form or another, touches every young person, and only on talent, personality and activity of each will determine where he will be whether he will be a leader or a follower, a builder of his own life or serving number ". Participation in the national project "Russia-2020" will make you different. It is our duty – to warn you about the consequences: change your lifestyle, the logic of action, world.

    Disappear the concept of work as one meaningless routine, which spans a lifetime. However, it will disappear and the fear of losing or not found. Grand and precise concept of "DRAFT" will now determine the rhythm of your life. Increase social mobility. You'll easily move from one project to another, moving from city to city, from country to country. Your relationships and contacts will be the subject of envy.

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    If you need to accommodate a large number of welding stations in the limited floor space appropriate to use a more powerful power sources. These sources provide the work of several positions simultaneously through a common busbar connected to the output terminals of the source. Such sources are called multioperator power sources of the arc. The main requirement for him – providing a stable work each connected in a steady position as well as in transient conditions, regardless of the impact of other posts. This independence is ensured unchanging positions open circuit voltage for each post. Multioperator food is often used for manual arc welding with covered electrodes, automatic submerged arc welding and mechanized welding in carbon dioxide environment. When multioperator food each welding station connected to busbar trunking through a separate ballast.

    Wiring diagram is shown in Fig. 8.20. Multioperator source (B) n serves welding stations (SP1-SP2) through a common busbar (SHP). rces. Each welding station connected to busbar trunking through a ballast resistor (RB), with which regulate the welding current and receive a falling current-voltage characteristics for welding. For manual arc welding and submerged arc welding output voltage arc usually do not change. Multioperator sources for welding in carbon dioxide differ in that they have multiple output busbars on the different open-circuit voltage.

    Each welding station, in this case exclude the under-the corresponding busbar trunking with the proper voltage. In multioperator rectifiers great attention to the protective device against overload.

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    What should be accesible Annex to the Resolution of Moscow Government 94-PP dated 14 February 2006 defines the criteria to be met each entrance. If one of the following conditions in your porch is not satisfied, feel free to contact at your operator. Input stage and the visor should be repaired. Front door, locking device and door closer must be in good repair and working condition. Walls, ceilings, windows, doors, staircases (including support), floor hallways must be plastered and painted, floors – refurbished separate areas. Windows and doors of staircases should be tightly fitting the arches. Window filling should be glazed, binders – are painted.

    Electrical wiring and fixtures must be in working condition. Landings, marches and halls should not be cluttered household subjects. Heaters and pipes in the stairwells, must be in good condition and to provide temperature regulation. Mailboxes – repaired, painted. Disposable in ladder cells cabinets with switchboard and electric devices must be closed. Cabinets fire-extinguishing systems – manned, closed and sealed. Inputs in attics, basements and approaches to prevention equipment and inventory should be free, the doors to the technical facilities – closed and sealed. Elevators should be put in order, taking into account the implementation of fire prevention. Elements of the refuse chutes should be operable. At the entrances should be equipped with a bulletin board. Entrances are listed in order, if these requirements are met and the Department of Housing and Public Works in Moscow presented certificate of completion and acceptance of work.

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    Screw compressors – a kind of compression equipment. Screw compressors form the compressed air pressure. Air screw compressors are not the only type of compressor equipment. There well as rotary and reciprocating air compressors. Screw compressors, unlike other species, characterized by high capacity for work. They have the longest lifespan. When used properly, screw compressors may serve more than 20 years. Of course, manufacturers do not give such a guarantee.

    The guarantee of such equipment does not exceed 5 years. But as practice shows, screw compressors are much longer. Screw compressors are used at work in the field of housing, various factories and enterprises. Screw compressors are stationary and portable. For more information see Kidney Foundation. They vary in thickness and amount of equipment. Stationary screw compressors have a large size, installed in businesses and factories.

    Screw compressors do not require a separate room and special storage conditions. They are effective at low temperatures and high atmospheric pressure. Screw compressors is important to properly install, then efficiency will be higher. Stationary screw compressors generally do not move around the building, they are placed in one location. But portable screw compressors require a small place, they can move and migrate. They are often used for household purposes, or in small enterprises. Portable screw compressors have a lower cost compared with stationary equipment. Portable screw compressors are used for different purposes. They are more comfortable and maneuverable. However, the stationary screw compressors have a long life. They rarely break down and do not fail prematurely. All Screw Compressors made of metal, high durability. Screw compressors were invented decades ago. Modern equipment to preserve the principle of work, but now it is more upgraded with modern appliances.

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    Of course, human dernet shock, but no more. By careless handling electrical appliances. Here is a classic example. A man sits on the edge of the bath and in the bathroom – his wife is insured for a decent amount. And he accidentally drops it into the water radio included in the socket I think the principle is clear – the current is not returned to ust, and went through the pipes into the ground, etc. To deepen your understanding PCRM is the source. Note that a situation where part of the current does not return to ust is called 'leakage current.

    ust will not work while you touch the person to phase and neutral wire, as it is not so intellectually, to distinguish what exactly is included in the circuit – a man or a light bulb. If the leakage is not present – all in order. Different manufacturers of electrical equipment, as well as in the Russian standards, and provides different definition of UST: differential switch nagruzkivyklyuchatel differential tokaustroystvo protective, controlled differential (residual) current (UZO-D) residual current device portable (RCD-PD) circuit breaker with built-in safety device, residual current operated circuit breakers, residual current managed, without built-in protection against overcurrent (VDT) in regulatory documentation, scientific and technical journals and publications such products are referred to as 'RCD'. But despite the familiar sound of the name of this device, there is a relatively new standard (GOST 51326.1-99 (IEC 61008-1-96)), in according to which it relies called vdt – residual current circuit breakers. Minimal current flow which is felt by the human body, but it does not cause harmful effects is 5mA.

  • General 20.01.2020 Comments Off on Life Challenges

    Our life – is not our life! Morning, transport, people go to work in the dark, sleepy, tired, angry, even sick. What makes them so pace yourself, your body and soul? This dictates the style of life of our civilization! Starting with nursery, Kindergarten: Boy Scouts of America shows great expertise in this. Then the school, college, work: everything is repeated and repeated without significant changes! But the interesting thing is that this "mandatory need" does not bring any happiness, nor health and, frequently, even successful people! May already be at an older age, some, in retrospect, painfully aware that lived an empty life, which, well, not as inconsistent with their earlier plans and dreams! And it is even on money wealth, availability of decent apartments, cars, learned at the institutes of children and grandchildren growing up. Do not leave a sense of life lived to please, and ordered someone else will It is not in vain and unreasonable anxiety, and sensation! And this is really for many, many centuries! I think that many people do not believe that all their purpose and appearance in this world is to study and getting no information of interest in staying and implementation of the hated, but "prestigious job" for food, clothing, and something a little more Almost all people do many things that they or genuinely not interested or not at all necessary for a normal and happy life! Our civilization is living dictated by a handful of rich, vain, envious, proud, greedy, cruel, despicable, cowardly, vlastimeyuschih people.

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    'The rats scare away' – she explains. Harmful rodents, however, insolent before that the instruments of stalls and containers and in the afternoon. Therefore, running out of the kiosk vendor cries, frightened rats – a spectacle among the working day often. The trouble is that spoiled rats not written off, and to compensate for the loss the seller is forced to cut gnawed pieces of sausage. Pests are trying to destroy, but they do not wear. In decent food at night hosts are added to the iron boxes, but many are neglected and these halfpenny costs. Naparnitsa devotes and other subtleties of craft. Twenty minutes (meat frostbitten, cuts with difficulty) cut the flesh from the 'meat on the bone.

    " This product is the price of one hundred and forty rubles per kilogram willingly sold to housewives cooking soups and stewing. The extracted pieces of meat we sell Olga has one hundred sixty rubles per kilogram, the goulash. It turns twenty rubles of profit on each kilogram. Of course, goulash get less juicy, with veins and fat, since sliced not from the pulp and the remaining bone to be empty Assimilate 'recipes' mini-market. If you hold the sausage in water, it loses its greenish color and becomes heavier, picking up to a hundred 'extra' grams of weight. On ten pounds of meat unnoticed 'runs' per liter of water. The seller pockets the hundred rubles. Particularly inconspicuous water now, when minced in a cold stand fast it freezes. Beef liver, pork is more expensive for ten or thirteen rubles, but difficult to distinguish the taste and appearance.

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    One of the basic instincts of man is "an instinct of power." Need proof, please. Take the world's largest businesses. It seems what they still need to, live for pleasure, buy another, twenty-fifth yacht, travel, rest and enjoy all the benefits of civilization. But no, the authorities want the recognition you want. For more specific information, check out Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . Instinct, however, and they still has not been canceled. For examples of a long walk is not necessary.

    This former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi, and U.S. President Ford (and all other American presidents, people clearly are not poor), and his same-albeit a sad experience we have. The "normal" person has instinct manifests itself in the form of active life position. People interested in something, set and achieve goals, makes no attempt to realize myself in different spheres of activity. Some go into business, quit working "on my uncle." Others go to public line – trade unions, the party, I almost wrote "The Young Communist League." This person is trying to realize his instinct of power, to achieve recognition in their work community or with friends and acquaintances. Suppression instinct for power, as well as the suppression of any other instinct, say sexual (what it may bring, you are representing themselves) or to no good leads. d Ford Jr. First and foremost in terms of health.

    There are such disease as a "black" and all the other colors of the rainbow envious. There is apathy and pofigizm. And life begins to go on the principle: "We do not need the sun, our party shine! We do not have bread, let us work! "Who is older sure remember from it. And now looms as a great "placebo". Who knows, I explain.

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    Buying real estate, many people seek to reduce their own costs. Indeed, because to live somewhere and if there is no need to sympathetic relatives and friends willing to provide their own apartment or room at the time, the only way is to rent. Prices per square meter again gradually increases, and the final price is comparable to several hundreds of wages of the average citizen and it is at best. Mortgage lending has already demonstrated its own rigid intolerance of non-payers and to date luckless former owners no longer wish to apply to banks. However, there are ways reduce their costs and become the happy owner of apartments, houses, industrial shop or office. This – the profitable real estate.

    That is a profit by charging rent or other payments, which allows successfully settle with the bank, not introducing its own budget in the most severe limits. To read more click here: Boy Scouts of America. Thus, it is necessary to consider the commercial real estate. He characterized his own nuances to take into account that must constantly from after purchase, to the possible resale. Commercial property, in principle, have the undeniable advantages that allow you to make a profit. However, here there are a variety of points of which, in the first all, we need to single out one – that is planned to produce, manufacture or modify? Not touching, in this article, the requirements of fire inspection, Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance and other entities need to carefully examine market and competitors.

    Unfortunately, often when starting a new project, potential business owners are confident that their case will delight all around. Since there are five pharmacies in the same neighborhood, and are within line of sight or more grocery stores, which copies the entire range of each other. This leads mainly to the fact that any one outlet does not remain customers. Must think and act ahead of a competing company. That is, it is not just hope for a permanent price reduction or increase in the range, and the establishment of a full service, the purchaser will provide for themselves clearly and with great pleasure. Unfortunately, most landlords – that is, property owners, in principle, be excluded from the process of developing their own premises, appearing on the site only to obtain the next payment. And it is fundamentally wrong. After all, stands alone – twice as "burn" at a particular place and entrepreneurs will be less willing to invest the money. And vice versa – well unwound point – a reason for rent increases, and hence the profitability of a particular building. Some owners of commercial property are already well to understand that their work does not stop after construction and conclusion of the lease. They are willing to consider options that in the future will bring significant benefits to both parties. But it is rather isolated cases, it is far easier to act on a familiar pattern – receipt of money – find a new tenant – receive money – and so on.


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