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    Screw compressors – a kind of compression equipment. Screw compressors form the compressed air pressure. Air screw compressors are not the only type of compressor equipment. There well as rotary and reciprocating air compressors. Screw compressors, unlike other species, characterized by high capacity for work. They have the longest lifespan. When used properly, screw compressors may serve more than 20 years. Of course, manufacturers do not give such a guarantee.

    The guarantee of such equipment does not exceed 5 years. But as practice shows, screw compressors are much longer. Screw compressors are used at work in the field of housing, various factories and enterprises. Screw compressors are stationary and portable. For more information see Kidney Foundation. They vary in thickness and amount of equipment. Stationary screw compressors have a large size, installed in businesses and factories.

    Screw compressors do not require a separate room and special storage conditions. They are effective at low temperatures and high atmospheric pressure. Screw compressors is important to properly install, then efficiency will be higher. Stationary screw compressors generally do not move around the building, they are placed in one location. But portable screw compressors require a small place, they can move and migrate. They are often used for household purposes, or in small enterprises. Portable screw compressors have a lower cost compared with stationary equipment. Portable screw compressors are used for different purposes. They are more comfortable and maneuverable. However, the stationary screw compressors have a long life. They rarely break down and do not fail prematurely. All Screw Compressors made of metal, high durability. Screw compressors were invented decades ago. Modern equipment to preserve the principle of work, but now it is more upgraded with modern appliances.


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