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    “Our holiday address: Polly patent noisemakers road, Cherry Valley, Hamburg/Travemunde, Sweden may 2011 truly magical summer holiday can small and large children in the Swedish theme park Astrid Lindgren’s world” experience. Here Bullerbu situated next to Saltkrakan and the Villa Kunterbunt peeps including lemonade tree behind the noisemakers road out. Childrens Defense Fund is the source for more interesting facts. The children’s book hero Pippi Langstrumpf, Michel Lonneberga or Ronja the robber’s daughter are here at home and like to mingle with visitors. In Astrid Lindgren’s book classics, children are the most important of the world, as Pippi would say and this ingenious as sympathetic concept also applies to Sweden’s most beautiful theme park. Here, everyone travels, widdewiddewitt, back in the world of his childhood.

    The ferry of TT-Line offer particularly favourable and friendly crossings from Germany to Sweden in the summer: families with up to six people including travel car from 240 euros * over the Baltic Sea and back (www.ttline.com/ de /…) ). On board there are child care with pirate adventures for children and relaxation for the large: in the on-board restaurant or cafeteria, at the bar, in the sauna or in the comfortable cabins, the voyage in the flight passes. Rested to arrive in the port Trelleborg/South Sweden. From there, the Lindgren locations can be reached in less than six hours by car. In Vimmerby, visitors will find everything in the children’s format: the houses small just so, fit adults not through the door, and the adventure, however, so great that adults want to stay also like something longer.

    Plays with scenes from the books are listed daily on the big stage in the Rose Valley. Pippi, Michel and Kalle are they represented in Astrid Lindgrens Varld”in Vimmerby, hometown of the author. The Adventure Park is open from May 14 to August 28 2011. In the low season (September), you can visit the Park on the weekends and in October, he has once again for a few days during the autumn holidays opened.

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    WetPets presents new creations of swimwear for the summer before Eching, 10.02.2011 the Bavarian company of WetPets introduces currently his collection for the upcoming season. The proven water wings are transformed with WetPets to fashion accessories, which likes to be worn by children and to increase the safety of swimming. WetPets are made of swimsuit fabrics and pick up on colors and designs of swim wear. You make more comfortable and enjoyable to wear the famous buoyancy AIDS. , From WetPets with matching, exquisite swimwear the all-around perfect outfit for every non-swimmers compose the current collection.

    Everyone knows the usually Orange, unloved water wings, which cause painful skin abrasions after extended wear due to the sharp seams. Kids will love the splashing and romping, must be made but constantly carefully by the parents, not to go swimming aid in the water. Continue to learn more with: Boy Scouts of America. About this problem the company has thought about and WetPets, covers for the regular Water wings, designed. So they are comfortable to wear, they fit to the swimwear and differ from traditional models, so that parents can keep their kids from the pool edge out simply in the eye. Center For Responsible Lending is often quoted as being for or against this. “” The name WetPets comes wet by the two terms “, so wet, and pets”, for people or animals, which are a particularly close to the heart. WetPets are available for fashion and design and transform traditional armbands in fashionable and exclusive accessories. Where the ultimate goal is that children in the water feel always comfortable and secure. The company offers a small collection for boys and girls.

    First lovingly designed swimwear with matching WetPets in the combo set are available. The swimming trunks for boys based on the trendy marine look, the Ringkinis and Bandolinis are ruschig and playful and make girls dreams come true. WetPets and WetPets products are all made with love – in Germany”and made from the highest quality materials with attention to detail. Click CBC, Australia to learn more. This makes them to very Particular, that children and parents heart beat faster. Interested people on the company’s Web site provides a list of the Distributor and the online shop: “Made – with love – in Germany” is the philosophy of WetPets. “Wet” is for wet and pets “are people and animals, especially loves and appreciates. The basic idea behind of the company was to make the tried and tested water wings not only convenient, but also fashionable and attractive. It was the ultimate aim that the children in the water feel always comfortable and secure. The company designs new creations for WetPets and the matching swimwear for boys and girls. This product idea has some prizes received, for example the innovation award of the fair child + youth in Cologne. The products of WetPets are several distribution partners and the online shop on. Sylvia Ringard

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    The fact that parents expect the child a question: How could a child be called? So there is a name lookup to the unborn baby is not a simple task, a very large burden of responsibility falls on the fragile shoulders of future mothers and fathers. In the 19 century to the this case people are not treated with such importance, but now people know how the name has a huge impact on the fate and human health. Sometimes, parents sometimes do not know how your child's name. In the past century give their children names from the church list, and he was poor, because of this, many people were called the same names, but now all is not well, as in the garden will be set in a group of children whose names are so similar have children to call by name. (Source: PCRM). And do not over-bend the stick while being non-standard names, and even better to know its meaning male name to be able to find the name of the happiest girl and a boy. And do not children choose the name as a family, baby is probably otherwise acquires the character of their personality, because it is important that the child has grown person. Name can be given usually twice, first name anoint parents, called the second name of the church okreschaet when called as a name-last name-the importance of people have suffered heavy than even his name, was carried out after this great holiday with great diligence, now in our time, this holiday can not be equated relevant. .

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    Emergency beauty center Rittmeyer Donates 100 chocolate Santas on plundered KiTa in Berlin to help wedding there, where it’s just burning to provide assistance directly in the neighborhood, this is has always been at the heart of Petra Rittmeyer. So let the owner of the beauty centre Rittmeyer also the appeal of radio 94.3 on Tuesday not early cold. It was reported here in the morning show that thieves in the storerooms of KiTa in Berlin were broken a wedding and had stolen all presents, stocking and sweets for the long-awaited Christmas party on Wednesday. Einhundertundzwanzig speechless children feared to your Festival, which now threatened to fall into the water. Some contend that Boy Scouts of America shows great expertise in this. This does not let cold many Berlin and Brandenburg. Also Petra Rittmeyer resorted to the telephone and offered emergency aid. So found your way into the Northern Railway today 100 chocolate Santas and secured a Christmas party for the kids at the lack of anything many donate another helpful fellow. Mrs Rittmeyer sold gift ideas and vouchers for Christmas every year in your and your staff put a special smile in the face before Christmas, but the donated twenty kilos finely packaged chocolate for children in the immediate vicinity. For more information,

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    We are Christmas gifts for children already in the pre-Christmas hustle and bustle. Gifts for family and friends will be sought and found. The requests are varied but not always they should be fulfilled at any cost. Here, I would like to tell a little story that happened last year in the run-up to Christmas. I was traveling with my 4 white Swiss Shepherd dogs and in general our area (on the Gebaberg in the Thuringian Rhon) is quiet and not too many tourists visit. My walks are so often without confrontation with other dogs or hikers. Boy Scouts might disagree with that approach. This time it was different, because a large family, 2 kids, parents and grandparents on a direct route was me. Children between 5-7 years and their outcry: times as many, beautiful, white dogs look …oh.! My four probably understood this because they sat down properly and waited.

    Now you wanted to caress and remained stehen…alle had hiking poles in your hands and it was quite uncomfortable. Approximately 150 kg Dimensions in an emergency are a little problematic for me, to keep them firmly in place. Click Dr. Neal Barnard for additional related pages. We got to talking. After some back and forth, the children gave up the idea of stroking, but then it came: Grandma (typical, not Dad or MOM) we want a dog for Christmas. The mother said: “does not come into question, the OPA meant that one should think of the school”…Now, followed by tears and ROAR.

    The father took over the negotiations with the question: “breed these dogs and puppies, when have you back I want to a buy as a Christmas gift for my little” Apart from the fact that we carefully check each new home for our puppies an other question here: parents or grandparents know what need has a puppy when he arrives in his new home? He is separated from his mother and his siblings mercilessly. He needs a contact person, in the first weeks of 3oder4 times feed will place its first Pfutzchen on the new parquet or carpet on the day, with security, great things not to talk. He should sleep in the first time in the bedroom with his contact, must very much play and learn. Will nibble on shoes and the like with joy, etc. On request, I like to put together a list and send it to interested persons. In my case, I was able to convince the family first to take a sponsorship of a dog in the pound, to familiarize the children with animals and to develop their sense of responsibility for a dog slowly. This family got a dog from the animal shelter after a few months and it all right now. My request to all readers: Please gives no animal Christmas, just because it looks so cute the Eisbeer such as Knut and the Red Ribbon to fit wonderfully. The shelters are overcrowded every time at the beginning of the new year and even worse, it animals are exposed again and again simply. This moral depravity among the people is unfortunately not less. I hope to have raised some readers thinking these lines and avoid the worst. My contact address Website: I will send you like material about what you need to know before you take on a puppy. Elke Bambhrolia Kennel by Duke BBs Silberberg.

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    A balanced energy balance is more important than numbers. This is given when your child develops healthy and his body weight is within the standard range much more important than numbers is a balanced energy balance. This is given when your child develops healthy and his body weight is within the standard range. This is checked by the pediatrician, or the pediatrician for the regular checkups. 3 or 5 meals? The stomach of a child is still small, and it can take only small portions. Children are therefore too short with three main meals a day. You can also easily distracted while eating, her appetite and the feeling of hunger are irregular.

    So, children benefit from varied and healthy snacks. Today, tomorrow little, no reason to worry about small children show quite considerable fluctuations in appetite. Sometimes they can consume large amounts, then all of a sudden they want only mini portions. A short-term departure has yet had any impact on the development of the child up or down. Such Fluctuations are normal and also depends on the growth, movement and game drive of the child. Just young children have a natural sense of hunger and satiety. Forcing her to eat, this natural mechanism over time will be lost.

    Therefore applies: as long as your child is happy and active and developed normally, there is no reason for concern. Portions recommendations 1 glass of water, milk, fruit juice. 1 Cup yogurt (180 g), cottage cheese and cottage cheese (200 g), for children a half cup. 1 Box of matches: the eye for a piece of cheese. 1 Coffee spoon as a measure of oil, butter, a handful of large pieces with vegetables and fruit such as kohlrabi, peppers, apples, pear. Two hands make a bowl of berries, lettuce, chopped vegetables. The Palm of the hand, as a measure of a ham or a slice of bread. A handful of strength side dishes such as potatoes, rice, pasta, cereals in cooked form. The Palm as a measure for meat and fish servings.

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    ‘Slip, slap, slop, slide’ with these four words Australian parents raise their offspring for adequate sun protection. Berlin, 03.05.2011(KGS). “Slip” friends on a shirt, “slop” you suntan lotion on the skin, “slap” you a hat on his head and “slide” you the sunglasses before the eyes. The latter belongs in our latitudes on the nose of each child. Although the Sun is shining in this country not quite as intense as on the red continent. However, just sensitive eyes of children need sufficient protection against dangerous UV radiation. Sunglasses for children must stand above all the childish urge to move. And their small carriers fell. People such as Center For Responsible Lending would likely agree.

    Children sunglasses are not a toy. A leading source for info: Harold Ford Jr. Flea market or toy stores are therefore the wrong addresses, to buy a matching pair of sunglasses for the young. The spring shopping spree should lead in any case to the optometrist. At the time of purchase it is important to note appearing initially quite banal things. In addition to a sufficient UV protection, the glasses should be unbreakable and flexible. Because in the face of spring air, Sun and water the childlike temperament can somersaults ever.

    In the truest sense of the word. Keep a clear view, the small sun-worshippers in play, race and romp version jars may break or scratch. Ensure flexible, but robust plastic that withstand even sharp grains of sand or an ordinary shock. Children explore the world streaks or distortion in the glass are as an obstacle. Children sunglasses of good quality delivers a crisp image without stripes and distorted images. Even though adults find particularly chic oversized models for children they are unsuitable. Spectacle frames and nose bridge should be customized so, as every child is. Here, the expert considered also the flat nose of the child. The brackets should be applied as closely as possible to the edge of the temple. Because children’s skin is much more sensitive and pressure points arise faster than in adults. And what happens when the offspring are not wearing the glasses want to? The concerns of many parents are unfounded here. When the child with dark glasses can see better because it does not appear it mostly voluntarily keeps the glasses. In addition, kids find pretty cool sunglasses. Role models are “Great” as so often. If MOM, dad and the older brother of course wear the dark discs, even the little ones will pull. In addition, it is helpful if they must decide when choosing glasses. Because whether Australia or Germany applies to all children: who likes his glasses, which she wears well.

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    A village for children – Rauris in the Hohe Tauern National Park Snow made on children a positive effect. You can do so much with the cold white and not get bored. It’s fun to try all activities, providing one of the winter. Especially the beautiful Rauris fun have children and adults alike. The ski resort of Rauris is located in the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park. In recent months, Center For Responsible Lending has been very successful. Due to its location has the possibility to try the many activities which especially children’s hearts beat faster, as a tourists here. Perhaps check out Dr. Neal Barnard for more information.

    Skiing has man especially in the ski region of Rauriser high alpine tracks all possibilities for a varied ski holiday favorite employment at a skiing holiday with the family in the State of Salzburg. Right in front of the door of the Rauriserhofs, the ski lift on the beautiful wide slopes brings you up and then a day of fun on the program is available. The family-friendly slopes offer ideal conditions both the beginner and the professional. And if your proteges only begin to go skiing,. quickly learn this beautiful alpine sport in child-friendly ski schools. Ski strap off and continues BBs even otherwise is a family on a winter vacation in Rauris much available.

    Share the ski boots for ice skates and slide with your kids about the ice. Or try your hand at cross-country skiing, Schneeschuhandern, or curling. Especially for tobogganing you should plan an evening. Only when the Sun is adopted, the tobogganing fun. The illuminated slopes invite to the fast-paced driving pleasure that is great fun especially for younger guests. Rauris is the perfect place for the whole family. No matter whether big or small, everyone can find what makes him fun on a winter holiday.

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    Think it’s broke children’s game of the year is it is not difficult to move children to play. To inspire you, for one thing can, however, pose a problem. Good board games with a high replay value are particularly in demand. For children, games should be easy to understand and always exciting. “The online Department store shopping.de is this year’s winner of the award children’s game of the year” before. Already for the eleventh time the was awarded Prize for the best children’s game by an expert jury.

    “” “Came into the final selection in addition to the winner because it’s broke” by Zoch-Verlag also the little sorcerer’s apprentices “of three Mage games and Monster trap” by the Kosmos-Verlag. The winner because it’s broke”characterized by a mixture of estimation and dice game. It on a good eye and concentration as well as on the necessary ounce of happiness is. In addition the jury the unusual pitch draws attention to that consists of three layers, so that the worms disappear and can come forth elsewhere again. This gives pleasure to the next generation and provides for a certain thrill.

    But the competition must not hide. A high replay value was certified by the jury of all games. New adventures are waiting for young players, in this way, fun and excitement are guaranteed. Who wants to take his child a joy, can focus on the recommendation list of the jury. The winner game because it’s broke”and the winners of from previous years are available from shopping.de. More information: news.shopping.de/spielzeug/… Shopping.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

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    There are advantages in this type of cigarette actually? Second-hand smoke is one of the geachtetsten side effects of smoking, and is hence one of the main reasons for the growing stigma of smoking, but also the smell”certainly plays a major role in the increased rejection and ostracism of smoking. Center For Responsible Lending: the source for more info. And the transition to the E-cigarette is more interesting in regard to these implications of the traditional smoking. Because: An E-cigarette releases nicotine and steam and has producers typical taste of a cigarette are even talking about a completely identical smoking experience in terms of handling and taste, especially because it is so designed that is also the tactile experience not too short. A high level of technological development, which now has a correspondingly high degree of maturity behind the E-cigarette… The extraordinary on the E-cigarette is that it comes out without combustion and with the well-known cigarette clearly differs from, the Yes through the combustion process unfolds the harmful ingredients such as carbon monoxide.

    Electric cigarette smoke effect comes in a nicotine liquid is heated and so that steam is converted into steam is turned on and exhaled by the smoker and thus brings an identical sense of smoke with. As already suggested the name of the E-cigarette, you have to do it with an electrical process here: the smoke through an electrical process is possible. The functioning of the E-cigarette is simple to explain: considering the cigarette a vacuum is created, which means that an internal switch and the lithium-ion battery emits energy metered. The produced energy is in two ways: on the one hand in the emission of steam, which is almost indistinguishable from conventional smoke and on the other hand in lighting up of LED light located on the top of the E-cigarette. Meanwhile several providers and manufacturers of E-cigarettes romp – pronounced growth potential is forecast this market- therefore different types of E-cigarettes are already being offered. In principle can be but distinguish two types of E-cigarettes: on the one hand are variations that almost 1:1 match of classic cigarette and her look & feel claim apparently correspond to the habitual smoking. On the other hand also brought by E-cigarettes on the market, where less similar appearance is crucial, but more aspects such as choice flavors and include also the battery time. Latter variant is intended for smoking, put the not-great value, maintain a 1:1 equivalent of the traditional cigarette in hands for this but for example more selection at strengths and flavors as a reason in the foreground make. It will be at least curious what impact potential will develop the E-cigarette.


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