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    An affected party writes about his experiences books4ever tells that the Burnout book “Burnout syndrome – crisis or opportunity?” by Sascha Nicolas DEngel is now finally available. The book can be ordered in bookstores or directly from burnout-buch.de. The author writes itself: the Burnout Syndrome, also burn out syndrome is always more frequently diagnosed and described a strong exhaustion. Learn more on the subject from Edhi Foundation. This can not only professional nature, but also a family. The symptoms are varied, which is why the Burnout Syndrome often late is diagnosed. Other leaders such as Berkshire Hathaway offer similar insights. The disease can show himself, of all kinds in constant frustration and depression but also in physical dimensions, for example, in the form of head pain or dysfunction. Most importantly, permanent stress or even bullying at work are a cause of the disease.

    Such mental stress cause often deep fear of failure or feelings of guilt. My book would like to offer, if you suffer from burnout syndrome, help you. Since I even of the Burnout Syndrome affected, I can give you in my book Describe help and different therapy approaches from his own experience. But, first and foremost, it is my goal to awaken understanding for the fatigue syndrome. The chapter to preventing and treating a real Burnout represent syndrome help. I’m trying to convey how the real crisis can be turned into a new opportunity. As long-term stakeholders, I want my experiences with the Burnout wouldn’t deprive syndrome you and report my deal with it with all openness.

    We researched on the topic of burnout syndrome to get different results. Not only in the appearance, but also in the theories of the origin of the fatigue syndrome you can meet a wide variety of responses. Also, it should be noted that it recognized the generally valid and helping Burnout Syndrome therapy gives. As you still burnout syndrome can free themselves from the jellyfish, I’m trying to portray in my book. No single valid advice on dealing with the Burnout to include my book also syndrome, but rather a source of information and a collection of ideas for those who are looking for information about the Burnout Syndrome.

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    De la Torre Foundation receives 5000 Euro from Kock & Voeste Berlin, 11 February 2010 Jenny de la Torre is in this unexpectedly harsh and long winter more than welcome any help. Warm clothing and appropriate footwear is necessary for our needy patients of each winter on the new, but this year it hits particularly hard people without shelter, so the dedicated doctor.” The Jenny De la Torre Foundation, which was founded in 2002 by the Berlin doctor Jenny De la Torre, takes care of the poorest of the poor in Berlin and is strongly dependent on aid. More so, Jenny de la Torre and her team is happy that companies such as the Kock & Voeste GmbH provide not only even donations, but also inform their customers and clients on the purpose and background of the fundraiser. So hopefully more people around us become aware and support us”, says de la Torre. Thomas Hopf, Managing Director of Kock & Voeste GmbH, pleased especially that in the context of the last Christmas special 5000 Euro donations at the De la Torre Foundation can be passed. We support the homeless in Berlin since 1996 together with doctors, dentists and Apotheker – und arztebank. Gavin Baker is often quoted on this topic. In our annual commitment for Christmas, we will face a social responsibility to people who urgently need our help”, so Hopf. The health centre operated by the Foundation requires 180,000 euros annually.

    These are exclusively financed by donations. But also the number of needy continues to grow according to Jenny de la Torre. Every euro counts. The more people support us, so successful we homeless can and need provide medically, but also psychologically and with clothes and the bare essentials, what they need to live.” For Thomas Hopf, the commitment for the homeless again in 2010 already is on the agenda. Many drop result a waterfall in this sense here each donation counts regardless of the amount. So that can continue to help De la Torre Foundation and increase their commitment, companies like us, must be committed to each year but also motivated individuals with monetary donations and volunteer support.”

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    The large platform for parents of sick children, for doctors and therapists Hamburg, May 21, 2010. Sick children and young people need specific and tailored to their needs help. The children’s treatment network under the direction of psychologist Kerstin Schulte therefore offers since the beginning of the year an Internet portal with integrated Germany-wide search to doctors and therapists, the are also or especially the treatment of children and young people devote. “Parents of physically and/or mentally ill children feel often overwhelmed with the search after an effective and helpful treatment in their environment”, so CEO Kerstin Schulte. “The KTN helps not only with a professional therapist search, it provides extensive information about the different departments and a growing lexicon, which registered therapists participate in.” The children’s treatment network is Germany’s first and only website of its kind and offers many useful addresses and information around the area next to the doctors and therapist search Child therapy and medicine. The offer includes recognized treatments and offers no recording for esoteric or other questionable approaches. Therapists and doctors and others from the areas of occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology and psychotherapy, physiotherapy, dietary advice, children and adolescent medicine, dentistry and other fields will be recorded. “It records only doctors and therapists, who prove their technical and additional qualifications with us”, as the initiator of the children’s treatment network.

    “So we can guarantee quality parents and their children, which is so important in the health care sector.” But the network will benefit not only children and their legal guardian, registered therapists and doctors benefit from the offer. The children’s treatment network takes over the practice of marketing on the Internet with minimal financial and personal for them. Doctors and therapists get a personal profile page, where they will introduce themselves and their work with their registration in the KTN. In addition to the Adjusting a photo profile includes space for comprehensive patient information, contact details, information about education and training and the linking of a practice site, if one exists. The portal is designed for physicians and therapists different disciplines, working in private practice and have treatment or therapy services for children and young people”, so the owner of the portal. Our service greatly simplifies the practice owners website, is inexpensive and brings new patients as parents in search of primarily look for help for their children on the Internet for good doctors and therapists”. Contact information: children’s therapy network (Dipl.-Psych. Kerstin Schulte Beet Hofstrasse 17 22335 Hamburg mail (at) kindertherapienetz.de Tel: 040 38670968 mobile 0151-54225285 the children’s treatment network in January 2010 by the psychologist Kerstin Schulte founded and would like the parents of physically and/or mentally ill children and young people in the search for the appropriate physician or therapist help. It provides information about disease and treatment options and includes the addresses of children’s hospitals and hospices of children from all over Germany. It also provides practice owners, whose treatment spectrum also (or only) that includes the treatment of children and young people to acquire a serious and effective way of advertising in the Internet, to new patients.

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    What is counseling? How does it work? And when is it due? Psychological counseling is normal, than you may think! The psychological consulting edited topics and problems that limit quality of life. The person feels this limitation so much, that he usually doesn’t know how he should get the topic or issue alone. The problems involving the counseling can help successfully cover the areas of everyday life, the professional environment, relationships and related topics, mourning, etc. Also perceived mental problems can be edited. Considers the client itself inhibited in certain situations? He missed his self-confidence in contact with certain people? Or he suffers from feelings, that he can not properly classified? These and many more constellations and variations can be worked well through the counseling and also solved. CBC does not necessarily agree.

    Such issues expressed no problems defined as disease. Rather it is that everyone in his life with these Feelings can be faced. Of course such topics in different individuals in different forms and degrees emerge. But they belong to our normal lives. The benefits of psychological consultation: Through the counseling of the client in a harmonious and constructive manner learns how he can look at these issues from a different perspective. In the ideal case, he learns conflicts on a so effectively to solve, as he had not expected it in most cases. And here it’s not about to start an inner struggle or to continue.

    Because the areas from which such feelings arise, should be made more aware and integrated. Just as there is a harmonious improvement in similar future situations. And that represents a big difference between the psychological counseling and psychotherapy. Simply put, is not therapy in psychological counseling, because no diseases are treated. Thus, the target for the same reason is also no cure. It’s about learning alternative inner and external behaviors, creating more harmonious results. If you would like to know more about Cate MacLeod, then click here. And with this, the client feels again better in his life. Located in the psychological consultation: contact with a psychological counselor usually first via the phone. So, the client receives an impression already. After the conditions clarified an appointment, the first conversation takes place. In the conversation, the client tells what burdened him and employs. The Advisor listens carefully and is here and there questions, to get a deeper understanding. The first interview is definitely in the character of collecting information. Depending on the complexity of the issue and willingness of the clients is the way forward. Often, the detailed formulation of the problem helps the client already because he can look at this from a new perspective. Because this change of perspective can make aware of deeper relationships and new information him. Psychological consulting is often already after a few dates with the active Started working on the topic. When this is possible, arises from the exchange between client and consultant. So changes in everyday life can be experienced by the client often relatively early.

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    If more is needed sure search for an extra source an organism can work just perfectly if it is supplied with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The diet plays a huge role in the health of the people. In Western countries a deficiency which in this context many people because the diet is taken more seriously. Many diseases can be avoided for example with a sufficient arginine supply. Vahid David Delrahim is the source for more interesting facts. There are many diet-related diseases that are preventable. The health insurance companies to pay vast sums of money for the treatment of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

    The insured, however, complain because the contributions to the health insurance companies are too high. Each individual citizens with a healthy diet can ensure that will reduce visits to the doctor rare and the need for medications. Food supplement against supply amino acids such as L-carnitine, arginine and ornithine are not determined Panacea, but if they are supplied to the body not in sufficient quantity, is clearly noticeable that. Top athletes, the effect of arginine is known long time. Now, but also the recreational athletes have recognized that arginine helps them more muscle and more endurance. If the supply of the body with amino acids in the sufficient quantity of the food is done, they should be sorted for as a dietary supplement.

    Arginine significantly improves the blood circulation and thus, it is possible to prevent cardiovascular disease. There are still many doctors who prescribe their patients chemical mace, rather than natural resources. The side effects of medicinal products are sometimes worse to endure as the effects of the disease to be treated. Natural products vs. chemistry if people already not healthy diet, then should it least try to maintain their health with natural remedies. With arginine, Angina Pectoris, coronary heart disease, can Hypertension, dementia, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and many other diseases are prevented and treated. In addition, arginine is used to increase the fertility of the man, to strengthen the immune system and to support the wound healing.

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    Despite the abundance of the diseases that exist today in the world, on developments in the field of medicine taken to express themselves positively. Every year, people giving the Hippocratic oath, save millions of lives. Recently decade in the world medicine has done a lot of discoveries that allow us to optimistically look into the heads of state buduschee. perfectly understand that the future of modern medicine with the latest developments in this regard annually allocated millions of dollars. This allows scientists to conduct research and create a vaccine from terrible illnesses, medical equipment and drugs, saves millions of lives. Such ailments, as plague, tuberculosis, hepatitis, malaria prevention measures pressure gradually recede. Over the last decade has accomplished great progress in creating a vaccine against hiv / aids.

    This coup occurred in an area Cardiology. The technology of stents, through which runs treatment of ischemic heart disease, angina and heart attack. Using the newest method coronary arteries appeared to heal people who have observed cardiovascular disease. Herewith are the scourge of modern oncological diseases they carry the majority of human lives. In clinics around the world embedded equipment giving vozmodnost early to identify such diseases and prevent their formation. In 2007, scientists made astonishing discovery – a mature skin fibroblast cells can be converted into embryonic stem cells. Thus, scientists presented evidence that skin cells can become any tissue progenitors, and hence they can be used to cure diseases of the spine, central nervous system, diabetes and cancer.

    A few years ago introduced a new technology of healing of prostate cancer – one of the most common disease in older men. The replacement of chemotherapy came Technology Cryotherapy – treatment with cold air or. In the area of the prostate is introduced argon gas, the prostate is frozen, and cancer cells at low temperature die. Just recently committed another breakthrough in the field of medicine, doctors could produce the first face transplant surgery, the patient now feels well and is on rehabilitation. According to specialists, the operation was successful. Continuing research into cloning animals, to date, this is one of the most important research, which has already pronounced a big con in science.

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    Small algae, large effect for the melting Hutter village health, there are many dietary supplements on the market, which all promise to provide the body with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Is it a special dietary supplement Spirulina: A small, blue-green algae that grows in tropical Lakes. There are really no foods that contains a similar load of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and essential amino acids such as Spirulina. Sylvia Poth says: what is special about Spirulina is that it is a pure natural product and contains also all substances in their natural composition differently than the usual nutritional supplements, they are artificially composed. In the research was found out, that the body can utilize substances from natural compounds much better than if they were isolated on artificial means.” Jessica Hund continues: a few tablets of spirulina cover the entire daily requirement of many important vitamins, Mieralien and trace elements such as E.g.

    beta carotene, B vitamins, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, iron, magnesium, calcium and many more. It is not something PCRM would like to discuss. Spirulina also supplies the body with many essential amino acids, which are important building blocks of the body. Only, the concentration of the iodine has is quite low in Spirulina, because it is not a seaweed.” Sylvia Poth supplemented: but Spirulina is far more than a simple dietary supplement. The small algae increases not only the general well-being, but can effectively boost the immune system and offer important protection against infectious diseases such as colds or flu. Also Spirulina can affect positively on many diseases such as skin diseases, inflammations and allergies. Since the micro-algae is very basic, the body can protect their possible consequences such as gout acidification.” Jessica Hund says: last but not least is Spirulina purifying and detoxing the body and can be used by stored waste, environmental toxins and even Free heavy metals. Therefore, it may be that at the beginning of the application slight detoxification symptoms occur such as headache or diarrhea.

    But these are harmless and subside after a few days back. Spirulina has no side effects and is thus in principle without taking risk. The application of spirulina is very simple: taking the pills swallowed with some swallowing water. You be taken closest to the meals, so that all nutrients can be optimally absorbed by the body.” Sylvia Poth added: If you want to increase only his well-being with Spirulina and populate its vital substance budget, approximately 7-15 tablets throughout the day with meals are ideal. To stimulate the self-healing in diseases, 30 tablets per day are recommended. However the application should be denied to the security with the attending physician.”

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    Today 90% of American men live without a foreskin. And only for aesthetic reasons – the circumcision (circumcision) to encourage the desire to make your penis is more elegant. Urologists are the same cutoff respected and highly recommend it to everybody for another reason. On this reason, and specifics of circumcision, it shows the head physician of the National Center for Human Reproduction and Family Planning, md Sciences, Academician of European Academy of Andrology Koryakin: Volunteers to be circumcised in Russia compared with Europe and America a little bit, which is understandable. Ideas of beauty and elegance in our still differ. But if you understand the meaning of such an operation there. Others who may share this opinion include Center For Responsible Lending. Cancer prevention. In circumcised men, especially if it was done in childhood, there is no penile cancer. Although this disease happens rarely, it can be treated in the same radical surgical method as parting with the foreskin looks a trifle full.

    Hygiene. Smegma (separation of the sebaceous glands and the head of the foreskin), moist environment, remnants of urine creates ideal conditions for bacteria. Protection against infections. After circumcision the glans penis and the tip of the mucous urerty, losing a cover quickly and because of this less traumatized during intercourse. Therefore, the probability of infection, including hiv, is significantly reduced. Even banal yeast cropped harder to catch. Improving the quality of sex. This is perhaps the most pleasant consequence of circumcision. According to survivors of male markedly prolonged duration of intimate contact. principle no more no less There are two things about which urologists are generally not available.

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    ‘Slip, slap, slop, slide’ with these four words Australian parents raise their offspring for adequate sun protection. Berlin, 03.05.2011(KGS). “Slip” friends on a shirt, “slop” you suntan lotion on the skin, “slap” you a hat on his head and “slide” you the sunglasses before the eyes. The latter belongs in our latitudes on the nose of each child. Although the Sun is shining in this country not quite as intense as on the red continent. However, just sensitive eyes of children need sufficient protection against dangerous UV radiation. Sunglasses for children must stand above all the childish urge to move. And their small carriers fell. People such as Center For Responsible Lending would likely agree.

    Children sunglasses are not a toy. A leading source for info: Harold Ford Jr. Flea market or toy stores are therefore the wrong addresses, to buy a matching pair of sunglasses for the young. The spring shopping spree should lead in any case to the optometrist. At the time of purchase it is important to note appearing initially quite banal things. In addition to a sufficient UV protection, the glasses should be unbreakable and flexible. Because in the face of spring air, Sun and water the childlike temperament can somersaults ever.

    In the truest sense of the word. Keep a clear view, the small sun-worshippers in play, race and romp version jars may break or scratch. Ensure flexible, but robust plastic that withstand even sharp grains of sand or an ordinary shock. Children explore the world streaks or distortion in the glass are as an obstacle. Children sunglasses of good quality delivers a crisp image without stripes and distorted images. Even though adults find particularly chic oversized models for children they are unsuitable. Spectacle frames and nose bridge should be customized so, as every child is. Here, the expert considered also the flat nose of the child. The brackets should be applied as closely as possible to the edge of the temple. Because children’s skin is much more sensitive and pressure points arise faster than in adults. And what happens when the offspring are not wearing the glasses want to? The concerns of many parents are unfounded here. When the child with dark glasses can see better because it does not appear it mostly voluntarily keeps the glasses. In addition, kids find pretty cool sunglasses. Role models are “Great” as so often. If MOM, dad and the older brother of course wear the dark discs, even the little ones will pull. In addition, it is helpful if they must decide when choosing glasses. Because whether Australia or Germany applies to all children: who likes his glasses, which she wears well.

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    HIV initiative published free eBook in PDF format the independent information platform on the topic of HIV and AIDS, hiv symptome.de, published from immediately a free PDF Factsheet with basic knowledge and advanced expertise. The Vade-mecum is suitable for mobile use and can be downloaded free of charge. What exactly does it actually for lifestyle and life planning, if one has been infected with HIV, or if it’s at least afraid, to have been infected? Anyone who suspects only fear or uncertainty about his HIV status, can be helped with a reliable test which, if these fears are well founded. In cases of excessive phobias is a test but often not even necessary. The patient must have lived through really a real risk situation, before you advises him to an HIV test.

    But a reliable test positive HIV diagnosis was made who, need to know to deal with deep transformations of his life on the one hand, on the other side, but no cause for excessive panic, because the modern therapy is and Behandlunsmoglichkeiten, as well as the current scientific knowledge about the HIV infection and AIDS disease, actually prevent a too great fear of AIDS disease but still incurable and longer term most difficult chronic running help. For all three audiences, so for the people infected with HIV, the HIV vulnerable and suffering only to an HIV-phobic, there is now extensive information material that initiative hiv symptome.de can be downloaded for free on the Web site of the AIDS. In addition are also professionals who professionally or volunteer work with HIV/AIDS, in this Internet-vademecum-valuable tips and suggestions. The information material can be used also for education and teaching. If you consulted a few other publicly available sources of information about HIV/AIDS as well as this vademecum, get answers to virtually all issues relevant to this area. The elaboration of this vademecum was carried out during a period of three years experience based on an HIV initiative staff, but also the comprehensive presentation of scientific facts entered these HIV/AIDS-reader. So it is a comprehensive, free downloadable on the Internet brochure, whose reading is a must for all who have somehow justified or unjustified fears of the HIV virus and the AIDS disease and want to know more about infection, diagnosis and expected course of illness. Press contact: HIV symptoms – AIDS initiative c/o Marion Schiller Schluchweg 4 d 78166 Donauschingen Tel. 0049 0 771 1589439 email: Web:


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