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    Flowers should be large, juicy and fresh. Taurus – lilies, pink roses, pink, lilac. Boy Scouts of America helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The bouquet should be stylish, glamorous and beautiful, but without the frills in the form gold ribbons and other tinsel. Gemini – daffodils, buttercups and daisies. The main principle – a mixture of different types of flowers. Cancer – all shades of white – lilies, sunflowers, koalas. Leo – gladiolus, peonies, large rose. Bright, large, exotic flowers.

    Virgo – asters, violets. Practicality – the main criterion. Libra – pink roses, violets. Balanced and tastefully chosen flowers. Scorpio – carnations, peonies, chrysanthemums. Sexuality and languor; bouquet should be rich deep shades.

    Sagittarius – red carnations, daffodils. A mixture of blood-red with other colors. Capricorn – white carnations, tulips. Gentle and bright bouquets. Aquarius – white lilacs, daffodils, orchids. Tropical bouquets. Pisces – me-nots, lilies, lotus, mimosa. Third, take into account the language of color: White – responsible and are identical color, a symbol of purity and innocence. White flowers to make presents only the young girls. Pink – the universal color. Pink flowers can give the people of any age and gender, on any occasion. Motley – and versatile. Flowers of this color, you can safely give to the wedding. Red – a very artful color, a symbol of love and passion. Giving red flowers should be very careful, just loved. Yellow – prosperity and wealth. It is not a symbol of separation, all of this – prejudice. Yellow flowers – a symbol of hearth and marriage. Blue and purple – tenderness and resentment. Give them only loved ones. Black – sorrow, mourning. Light Blue – faith and hope. Purple – humility. Orange – the pride and coquetry. Next time – not without significance increase your darling. For a girl tall perfect bouquet "Waterfall" in which flowers are erect, and falls. Bride's low growth is recommended a small, exquisitely compiled in bouquet or a flower-basket. For the wedding ceremony would be the best bunch in style Beader-Mayer, he is small and round. These flowers are from a few shades short of roses, they add greenery, and bottom outlet, and make the stems wrapped tape. Bouquet is universal and fits any bride, regardless of her style, height, age. Option – a bouquet-drop. It is composed of two or three kinds of colors, which should differ in size. At the top – big flowers, below are the smaller ones. Such a bunch of good fit miniature bride. Bouquet waterfall. These flowers are collected from flowers with soft and long stems. Decorative elements – long satin ribbons woven into the bouquet, they enhance the effect of "waterfall". Bouquet is ideal for high lady. Classics – a strict long bouquet. Usually it consists of long, flowers are allowed up to 7 pieces. Decorative elements are practically absent

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