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    Often in anticipation of repairs, we ask ourselves: how to create an interior that will remain relevant, three, five or more years? The answer is extremely simple – the changing whims of fashion have no control over the timeless classics. Classic interior retains its charm and appeal regardless of time, remaining the standard of elegance and evidence of refined taste of its owner. Classic interiors are designed for quiet conservative people, held in life, do not change the interior for the sake of fashion. Classics bought a long time and over time maintained its material and aesthetic value. Classic alien excessive luxury, it is inherent sense of proportion, simplicity and convenience. It has a strong consistency of the proportions, high quality finishing works, furniture and interior design. All components of the space are significant, and nothing more.

    Simplicity and austerity Forms offset elegance of lines and colors. Classics – a style of perfect harmony. One of the main emphasis of the classical interior is textile. Beautiful curtains, furniture covers, carpets, towels – all it makes the room attractive and comfortable. Classic textile fabric characterized by its numerous, symmetrical, simple but elegant lines, soft deep folds of curtains. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Kidney Foundation. Fabrics for classic interior has to choose plastic, heavy, well-draped. Preference should be given to natural fabrics.

    Shiny synthetic curtains in a classic interior will look ridiculous. Specially created by new technologies textiles classic interior, keeping all ornamental features available classical models, has great endurance and resistance to fading. Low hygroscopic fabrics, also helps to extend life made from her home textile. When choosing curtains for the classic interior, consider the historic building type. When it comes to building of the old buildings, or even about the modern, but with large windows arched shape and wooden frames, it must be remembered that the design of the windows by itself is already attracting attention. Making such windows should be particularly concise. In this case the classical drapery should only emphasize window opening. Classic drapes are not overloaded with detail, full of restrained dignity and taste. Accessories for curtains and slipcovers for furniture in the classical style must be chosen to match the fabric or a little darker – not to create cutting-eye contrast. If the room there are floor rugs, you can use the accessories to match the carpet. Regarding the choice of colors for a classic interior, it would be preferable neutral, almost monochromatic palette. It is these tones allow you to create a calming home environment characteristic of the classical interior. If you as a coloristic basis of selected saturated colors, must combine them with less dark and bedding – bright spots should be present in a classical setting as accents. They contribute to the fact that the room is perceived calm but not boring and small office, a private entrepreneur on the third floor of the "nest" you will likely encounter on the windows blinds. But here is the state company, or a solid thriving commercial firm must formalize its window curtains. And it will be exactly the curtains in a classic style. Interiors in the classical style does not contradict our information overload and concerns of the time, but are rather soothing backdrop for a holiday or productive detailed work, reminiscent of eternal values.

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