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    Sociology portrays interpersonal relations, the human being as an individual, and the society as a whole. It deals with actions, choices and the problems faced in the social life. The understanding of the relation is necessary individual x society. The society divides the man in the collective opinion and its space for its manifestations, it only started to be recognized from its integration in the environment and the social conviviality composes that it. The great focus of Sociology was relative to the conflicts between the social classrooms.

    After some quarrels it made possible a new form of thought: the positivismo. Such appeared with the purpose to constitute a new organization of the society, then after if dividing between positivismo and socialism. The socialist thoughts were to supply all the necessities substances and spirituals of its components. The positivismo enxergava the being as a set of parts that all had utilities. The base of the society is the set of differences in the way to think, to act, religion and beliefs thus supporting the unit social. The theological laws, commentate and the positive are the junction of the faith, theories and practical. The progress appeared stops of the continuity and perfection to the elements. In this way positivism joined the expression of the power spiritual and scientific with the intention to influence morally the men and to reformulate its social representations. Thus positivism gave continuity to the process that contained its progressive content.

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