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    Lessee shall use the leased land, given its target purpose and permitted use, as well as in accordance with the terms of the contract. For land tenant pays the landlord rent. Under a contract of gift, one party (grantor) transfers or agrees to donate the property of the land to another party (the donee). Donation contract is bilateral. Donate the land without the consent of the donee can not.

    The contract of donation should be distinguished from inheritance: the contract of donation land transferred or should go into the property to the donee during the lifetime of the donor. Annuity contract – is a civil contract, in accordance with which one party (Rent recipient) transfers to another party (the payer of rent) to land ownership and rent payer undertakes in exchange for land from time to time to pay rent to the recipient in the form certain amount of money or provision of funds for its maintenance. In another form, the land of the rent contract can be transmitted to the payer of rent, for payment or free of charge. Pledge (mortgage) – Pledge of land areas regulated by the Federal Law "On Mortgage (mortgage)." Under a pledge agreement land contract (contract on the mortgage) one party – the mortgagee, the creditor under an obligation secured by a mortgage has the right to obtain satisfaction of his monetary claims against the debtor on the obligation of the value of the mortgaged land on the other hand – preferably before the mortgagor other creditors of the mortgagor, with the exceptions established by federal law. Rights and responsibilities: 1.pravo property legally produced crops and plantations, on information received from these products; 2. the right to develop common minerals and peat with the spread of ownership of all mined (Article 18-19 of the rf Law "On Subsoil") 3. the right to pump water, followed by the emergence of property rights to the resulting water 4.

    right use of forest land (timber) and use the byproducts of the forest in accordance with the approved rules of forest management, 5. the right to build, in the prescribed manner, residential, industrial, cultural and residential and other buildings and structures; 6. the right to conduct, in the prescribed manner, irrigation, drainage, kulturotehnicheskie and other reclamation work, to build ponds and other water bodies. Responsibilities: 1. Efficiently use the land according to its end use, to prevent environmental degradation as a result of its economic and other activities 2. Implement a set of measures for the protection of land from natural adversities, including those caused by human activities; 3. Increase the fertility of productive land; 4. Make timely payment for the land in the form of land tax or rent, 5. Does not violate the rights of others land owners, land owners, land users and tenants; 6. Provide timely and local administrations established by the legislation information about the status and use of land, 7. When the conduct of any construction guided by the existing construction rules and regulations 8. when the land lease, in addition, act in accordance with the lease, that is, with the consent of the lessor.

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