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    Since the beginning of the 2000s (and perhaps even earlier), the Moscow government has said about the image of the capital. At least, it is known to hold "Romir" study () to order the heads of the city and within the city program "The image of Moscow-2000". And 2000's interest in this subject pop up periodically, but not poured into any concrete results. Moscow wanted to tourists, but not attractive. Already in the late 90s the world was going crazy from the perspectives of the Internet and actively Acquires Network offices. Moscow also has acquired.

    But the formal structure used to communicate in their official language, incomprehensible ordinary person. And certainly unattractive and boring. This style communication was used in the network. And of tourists were not discussed at all. And so for a long time on the Internet was available beautiful (for its time), comfortable, and "humane" site in Moscow … Idaho (www.moscow.com). Hear from experts in the field like BSA for a more varied view. And an empty niche steel fill out a volunteer activists who love to Moscow (as they currently respond to moscow.info) and on a commercial basis – travel agency. Only at the end of the 2000s came the official website of Moscow, aimed at tourists (niche the official website for free until the Muscovites, but that niche has taken a pretty good unofficial portal Moskva.kom,).

    Of course, a good idea if the site would be oriented not only to visitors but also residents. But the fact that this site appeared – already a huge step forward. And residents of Moscow, the site will, nevertheless, some useful. Now we can say that Moscow, at last, is a human face online – moscow.ru, Moscow – Moscow International Portal. " The site has earned in 2010, is made very solidly, nice, helpful and on normal human language, understandable to anyone. This website wants to wander, it is interesting to read. All painted available how, what, where, where … Affected all spheres of life in Moscow, given valuable tips and advice, some helpful links (such as where to book a hotel or finding a real estate agency, which agency to contact, how transportation to come to Moscow, where to eat, rest, etc.). In general, it's pretty rich, well-researched and well-structured guide to life in Moscow, working in Moscow, the conduct of affairs in Moscow. The site is available at 6 languages: English, Russian, Spanish, German, French and Chinese. I really like the way I viewed all the painted parts: detailed and easy to understand. While criticizing, of course, there for that. For example, in "Urban Transport" great detail told about the payment, and how to pass through the turnstiles (figure would come in handy), no information. It's turns out to be a problem even for the Muscovites who had never rode on turnstiles equipped buses. And in the "Exchange" is not updated information in connection with changes in legislation, banning "non-bank" exchangers. But most probably the main thing – it's something that catches your eye: Each page opens with the words "Welcome". And this is the official site. Set rightholder International and External Economic Relations of Moscow. This, in fact, due to emphasis on visiting the capital. Incidentally, in 2009, earned a site and the "Invest in Moscow – investinmoscow.ru. This site is also friendly and modern. It now remains to and offline, to come and invest in Moscow would be also nice and comfortable like to wander through these sites.

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