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    Advised at all times by the ADFO, an association non-profit organization that looks after the interests of the diminished physicists of Osona, birthplace of Nani Roma, members of FNN-AMV, then made a final, balance prior to the activation of the Mauritania project carried out by the Fundacion Nani Roma and AMV Hispania. The project has been divided into different fields of action, in order to build a new platform for social and professional integration. Below, detail some of them: subprojects – project with the National Centre for Orthopaedics and functional re-education (CNORF) – collaboration with the National Hospital of Nouakchott – project of collaboration with the Mauritanian Federation of sports for the disabled (faith.M.HANDIS) – project of Collaboration with the Mauritanian Federation of national associations of people with disabilities (FEMANPH) – project of collaboration Centre de sante delEspoir (Nouakchott National Hospital) after the first financial contribution, by AMV Hispania, the Mauritania project, of the Fundacion Nani Roma AMV, becomes a reality. The second part of the same, which will begin to develop in the present month, consists of the activation of different actions programmed along with the consequent personalized delivery of all the necessary material. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has similar goals. NANI ROMA pilot AMV and President of the Fundacion Nani Roma: my personal link with the African continent, to which I owe everything, me implies 100% to any charity project. The idea came naturally, and with the great support of AMV Hispania.

    We are very proud of this great project to develop together. Now we only walk together. Director ROMERO ROSA Mauritania project: We are really pleased to be able to activate this new project in AMV Hispania company, whom we greatly appreciate all your support shown. The Mauritania project fills US with enthusiasm. Now, and after the first phase already performed, we can only implement the second phase of the project. SILVIA Director CUE marketing AMV Hispania: Both, started a charity long-haul trip.

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