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    EPIC Centurion – natural cosmetics manufacturer as combined epic Centurion in high quality exclusive natural cosmetics of millennia old traditions with the modern science of today. To broaden your perception, visit PCRM. EPIC Centurion ventures for the first time in the history of cosmetics, forgotten and unknown cultures partly new to discover the classic medical knowledge, and to make available in the form of first-class innovative and rare natural cosmetic products of the sophisticated woman and the modern man of today. In close cooperation with renowned scientific institutes such as the Fraunhofer Institute, numerous scientists reveal the secrets of unique ancient records and traditions from cultures of around the world, whose effectiveness is scientifically researched chips or 3-d skin models without animal experiments on DNA. In accordance with the company’s philosophy, to combine ancient knowledge of the effect of medicinal plants with scientifically based effectiveness in modern products, a very special importance to the used formulations and raw materials. So, naturally cultivated medicinal plants are used only to 100%, which are collected all over the world by hand and by particularly gentle processing as an authentic, pure and highly concentrated oils and essences in the extraordinary epic Centurion -products are incorporated. What is special about the epic Centurion -products is still that not only an isolated substance, but a whole combination of various active ingredients are processed to work processes in a product. The ingredients in modern scientific studies are consistently checked for their effectiveness. Only the most effective combinations of work come into production.

    The fundamental effect provides the skin with all the important nutrients they needed to look fresh and radiant. Due to the concentrated active ingredient density smallest quantities of to be distributed easily and naturally scented creams, lotions, and gels is sufficient to achieve the desired effect. At the same time, the authentic, fresh, unique scent of the essential oils and essences has a stimulating effect on the soul. So each product combines a piece of pure nature and interesting history. EPIC Centurion make sure that all ingredients are 100% pure vegetable and obtained in a gentle way, to secure the highest quality. Botanical jewels consist of the epic Centurion high-quality ladies – & men care products for face and body. All products are developed according to oko Test and BDIH compliant.

    Press contact epic Centurion GmbH & co. KG Dr. Maria Karagouni Sigmaringerstr. 35 70567 Stuttgart E-Mail: phone: + 49 (0) 711 / 797 328-12

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    Energetic live in harmony with the natural desire on a gentle spring cure without going hungry? TCM nutrition consultant Eva Laspas describes in her contribution picking up according to the principle of good feeling”with the help of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). She gives numerous tips, how internal cleaning and new impetus easily can be implemented. Indulge the inner cleansing, some days you can enjoy walks in the Green, relaxing full baths and relax during sleep! “After the days of celebration (Christmas and Carnival) we feel energielos and bring unwanted kilos on the scales”. The diet does help according to the TCM there. This energy she can melt unwanted pads”and us! The principle of this form of nutrition is based extensively on the inner feeling”the own mood, it is not a diet”, we must force us to! We are moving hand in hand with the needs of our body. Weight loss is that of TCM a Umstellung Dietary habits on another system, which is individually ABgestimmt on everyone after the personal energy picture. Follow others, such as Center For Responsible Lending, and add to your knowledge base. Who eats according to the TCM principles, is set firmly in the longer term some positive changes in his entire life.

    The TCM diet is varied and offers a stable base of feeding the whole family. All holistic wellbeing, a firmer skin and the disappearance of small aches and pains are side effects”the TCM diet. By konstante adapting to the personal Bedurfnisse can mobilize our self-healing organism. We are more powerful and feel younger. “More about the article more energy with the five elements of TCM” by Eva Laspas can refer to the free PDF magazine GreenBalance under: another theme that you can also read in this issue of GreenBalance: dog zone: help, my dog pulls! Why does my dog on a leash? Animal psychologist explained to the subject line Kathrin flock leads causes. Proper equipment and some training sessions should allow relaxed going for a walk with the dog.

    The GreenBalance magazine is a digital magazine in PDF format for all people who want to live in harmony and harmony with themselves and their environment. Topics of the interactive GreenBalance magazine are in addition to health and Wellnessthemen in alternative medicine for man and animal, organic lifestyle (eco-fashion, natural cosmetics,) and renewable energy sources. Clicking on a book or fashion photo takes the reader directly to the website of the Publisher of the book or of the fashion house, to immediately order the selected product.

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    Arzneimittel.de – so health is today! Many women are aware of the problem: unsightly dents on buttocks and thighs, rarely also on the abdomen or upper arms. But what exactly is cellulite, why are only women not affected and is there a cure for cellulite? Cellulite is a Scriptures degeneration of the collagen fibers of the connective tissue. The resulting dents and elevations are cells that are filled with water, fat and toxins. A is it the various hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, which is why men not of cellulite are affected, on the other hand the different connective tissue structure. How cellulite occurs in men the collagen fibers are reticulate, women run to stretch it, perpendicular to the skin surface to get a pregnancy so the fat cells loom even easier on the skin. Squeezing the skin with your hands, a skin, that the surface is reminiscent of an orange, appearance hence the name orange-peel skin”.

    The causes of cellulite cellulite is mostly caused by the female disposition, a lack of exercise and improper diet. Hormonal changes during pregnancy or in the Pupertat, taking the pill and the associated intake of estrogen, metabolic disorders or overweight can be added. Healthy diet, exercise and movement are important who suffers from cellulite, is usually never completely get rid of it. The dents a little to reduce and improve the appearance of the skin, it is important to use as much liquid. The most suitable water and purifying and stimulating metabolism teas or fruit spritzers with high water content.

    Pay attention to a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and try to avoid fat food or restrict them. Sports and plenty of exercise in the fresh air makes good mood, keeps you fit, healthy and promotes detoxification through the muscular activity. Anti cellulite products In the trade there are a wide range of anti-cellulite products. Applied as a single measure leaves mostly to the result desired. In combination with healthy diet and exercise, they are a good resource but to detoxify the skin. For greater effectiveness they massage every day the products with your fingers or with a massage roller. This to promote the blood circulation of the skin and toxins can be removed better. For more information and anti-cellulite products and dietary supplements, see


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