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    It was born directly of God and came to the land stops binding in them with God and left again registered in the Sacred Holy Writs what It guides in them so that let us make. In books of Lucas 6:47 the 49 and in Mateus 5, are registered it waits what you that each one of us makes. To follow a summary of the divine extensive orientaes to all humanity: 1) To love Mr. my Deus (he is the only Gentleman) of the heart all, of all the soul, all agreement, all the thought and all the forces. 2) To love to my next one as me exactly. To use mercy with it.

    To arrive at the foot of it (with humildade), to see them (as it sees it to Jesus), to move itself of close compassion (mercy, charity, goodness), to come close themselves, takes it, to take care of of it until it is in foot! 3) To love my enemies 4) Bringing the good to that the ones annoy me 5) Bendizer that 6 curse me) To pray for whom they calumniate me 7) to wound What me in a face, to offer to another one 8) what it will have taken off me the layer, not to refuse nor the tnica! 9) It gives any one that to ask for 10) If to you to take somebody you what he is yours, it has not asked for the same in return 11) Of skill that you want that they make you to the others, you make stops with them of this exactly skill 12) Loans without nothing to wait. Thus acting great she is mine rewards and I will be son of God. God is good even stops with the bad ingrates and! Either faithful! 13) Either merciful. As God also it he is 14) does not judge and he will not be judged 15) does not condemn and he will not be condemned 16) He also frees and you will be untied 17) He gives and he goes to be given 18) Gives good measure to you (good amount, good portion), stressed (chosen well, threshed well, very good, of good quality), shaken (strong, agitated to shake), overflowing (in amount that passes the expectation, more than what waits or that matters), will lie down to you in your lap (they will lie down to you in the col) 19) With the same measure that to measure, to measure go you of new 20) He makes everything what I (Jesus Christ) say! 21) He hears, he observes and he practises what I (Jesus Christ) say! Which is the guaranteed result when follows these orientaes Mr. Jesus that are told above? Thus, you are on the rock and nothing shake she can you. On behalf of Jesus. Mnica Gazzarrini email: Renascida in Christ since 2004, scholar of the Evangelho, writer, administrator of companies, accountant, specialist in marketing.


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