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    His first gift of Pfalz-Fein still remembers. It was a wonderful carpet, donated by the Shah of Persia Emperor Nikolay II in honor of the 300th anniversary of the reign of the Romanovs: it was shown all the members of the royal family. Baron contribution to Russian culture is truly invaluable. Edward A. known for many years around the world collecting works of art, Russian culture, exported from Russia during the October Revolution and the Civil War. He bought them at auctions and from private owners and then returned to his homeland, gave Russian museums. In particular, thanks Pfalz-Fein in Russia have been returned to the portrait of Prince Potemkin brush Levitsky and sculptural hand impression of genius Chaliapin.

    He helped carry the ashes Chaliapin in Russia, opened a museum of Catherine II in Zerbst, built two churches in the Ukraine and raised a monument to Suvorov in the Alps. As a member of the International Olympic Committee, has helped Moscow to qualify for the Olympics-80, although prior to 1980 Baron categorically denied the year in the visa and not allowed into the USSR. Last of Falz-Fein Russian nobleman Edward Pfalz-Fein was born in Russia for five years before the 1917 revolution. In the age of five, smuggled out of Russia later he settled in the principality of Liechtenstein, where he currently resides. Eduard – a descendant of an old family of Russian immigrants Epanchins, the grandson of Admiral himself, who founded St. Petersburg in the Pages' body of His Imperial Majesty. In the old old military family – famous generals and admirals.

    While Pfalz-Fein already – multimillionaires, newspaper owners, refineries, ports and ships, as well as prosperous estates in throughout Russia. 'Kings of the Crimean steppes' – so called them Trotsky. And yet in the history of Russia, they entered the race after the founding of the famous reserve Epanchins 'Askania Nova' in Tavria, where, together with the exotic animals they have rescued from extinction of the famous Przewalski's horse. The name of Baron Fain-Pfalz is now well known in his homeland.


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