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    Trend-setting home control and energy saving Conference offers valuable Insider know-how from business and politics Copenhagen, September 02, 2008 high demand, low resources, high prices affecting the energy issue making their presence felt increasingly at the end user. The Z-Wave Alliance in cooperation with the Danish electricity saving trust (DEST) the first European home control and energy saving (HCES) Conference in Copenhagen held in advance of the COP15 Conference. Presentations and discussion rounds, in addition to leading Danish politicians like Connie Hedegaard, top speakers from global industry brands such as Nokia, Danfoss etc. discuss the opportunities and advantages of wireless home automation on the topic of climate change is framed. HCES Conference enjoys rain great popularity by industry, the two-day Conference addressed policy and leading organizations decision makers in the electronics market, energy companies, representatives from politics, OEM, manufacturer, Installer-channel and the retail sector of the European home control segment.

    Z-Wave and DEST take the challenge of energy saving\”to Denmark’s Minister for climate and energy, Connie Hedegaard, explains what role takes up energy-saving wireless technology from a government perspective. In this context, the DEST and the Z-Wave Alliance represent their strategy as they actively tackle environmental issues with the help of home control solutions based on the Z-Wave technology. Goran Wilke, Chairman of the DEST, deals with the possibilities that arise through the use of wireless technology in the home. Home control solutions to control energy consumption already make small and what is very important is transparent\”, explains Wilke. So consumers have the opportunity to get personally involved and to achieve drastic energy savings in their homes.\” Lew Brown, Vice President of marketing at Zensys, talks about the benefits that brings the Z-Wave ecosystem for the global eco-system. Andrew Deeming, engineering and operation Director of Horstmann control UK, explains which Way with the help of home control solutions drastic savings in energy consumption are possible. ROAR Seeger, CEO of trousers, gives valuable insights from the perspective of a power operator, which green in combination with Z-Wave-based tools\”offered by energy.

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    Climate change can ticks survive Munich even in winter – due to climate change, ticks can survive even in the winter. In the framework of an international symposium of ticks in Jena, headed by Dr. Jochen Suss, scientists have reported unusual findings. A related site: Care and Assistance for Forced Migrants mentions similar findings. Ticks don’t Hibernate. Due to the increase in temperature in the winter months it happens increasingly, the “mini-vampire” from six degrees to be active and seek a host. Therefore the body ticks should be searched for any stay in the great outdoors. If there is one already has bitten down, you should pull out carefully with a pair of tweezers.

    Symptom of a tick bite is a red discoloration of the skin around the bite site around. A special Tweezer, should be made of surgical steel, used to overcome the high holding force of the tick. Complete set of tick “tick” protect, available at the pharmacy, the tick can be reliably removed. Security is controlled with a magnifying glass, which increases 6-fold. Contact information is here: Gavin Baker. If the tick is removed, shows the center of the bite area a red dot. A black dot is there sichbtbar, the head is the tick in the skin. In this case a doctor should be consulted immediately, which completely removed the tick. In winter in addition to climate change, there are increased Lyme disease infections further reasons that encourage the spread of diseases transmitted by ticks.

    Ticks also benefit from air pollution declining in recent years as well as the increased activities of people in the great outdoors. The Association of praktizienden animal doctors in Germany indicates that the risk for dogs of tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease, developing anaplasmosis or Babesiosis, increasing significantly during the winter months. To protect themselves against TBE, Dr. Suss strongly advises vaccination. For other diseases, such as Lyme disease, transmitted by ticks, there is, however, still no vaccine. Doctors must expect that Lyme disease infections now more common in the winter. The tick is a worldwide common blood-sucking parasite with unimaginably fine sense organs, which feeds on the blood of his hosts. As vectors of disease to humans and animals, the tick has gained dubious fame. Ticks notice whether a host, human or animal, is coming from far away. You first drop onto the clothes and then find a soft spot of skin to bite. While they suck, flows saliva into the wound. The tick with pathogens is infected, can transfer an in and of itself harmless tick bite to the danger to the people and dangerous diseases.

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    Naturefund can buy another piece of land for nature. Naturefund can buy another piece of land for nature. Just six weeks later, the conservation organization solely over the Internet gained enough donations to secure an area used by Beavers in Eastern Hesse for nature. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Edhi Foundation and gain more knowledge.. Enough donations collect conservation organization solely over the Internet to secure an area used by Beavers in Eastern Hesse for nature. The beaver is the largest rodent of Europe and the only animal that its Habitat itself designed and water dams. Falling trees and can set fields under water, it came into conflict with agriculture.

    He was fiercely hunted and already in the 16th century the Beaver from Hesse had largely disappeared. In 1847, some Beaver skeletons were found in a cave on the Fulda, which indicated a recent Hessian stock. Because the Beaver was followed everywhere, there were only 100 Beaver on the Middle Elbe 1947 in whole Germany. In the years 1987 and 1988, the Hessian launched Society of Ornithology and nature protection together with the competent nature conservation agency a reintroduction of the Beaver. A total 19 Elbe Beaver in the Hessian Spessart were exposed.

    The settlement succeeded in immediately. The small, uninterrupted streams of Jossa and sense offered an ideal habitat. In just a few years, the Beavers spread. The annual report of the Government Presidium in Darmstadt lists 168 animals in 51 districts according to a mapping of the Beaver in the year 2008 as a whole. Meanwhile, the Beaver has made the leap over the watershed between the river Kinzig and Fulda. The Fulda flows through Hesse from South to North. Wandering Beaver can now achieve the Eder and Northern Hesse, Germany. Most Beavers in the main-Kinzig-Kreis, are still alive. 44 Beaver areas occupy approximately 132 Beaver and only 36 Beavers live in seven districts north of it. Where Beavers are long since vanished habitats develop with us. Bach straightening will via forms and returns the dynamics of the Bachauen. Everywhere are natural structures and biodiversity increases by leaps and bounds, without that man with expensive machine usage renaturalise should. To avoid conflicts with people and agriculture, conservation organizations buy targeted area for several years, to permanently assign space Beavers and Bachauen. Also these three rodents, since some year the stream of ‘ narrow sense change, can now build using Naturefund and the GNA continue undisturbed. “Me excited again and again, we natural habitats can emerge with what simple means,” says Katja Wiese, Managing Director of Naturefund. “Often means the currency to give space of nature and nothing to do.” With this approach, the conservation organization has already successfully purchased several areas in Hesse for the nature and protected. The next project is already in preparation, also in Eastern Hesse, Germany, reveals meadow. “This time we want to buy a button for a bird that has become rare in us: for the Lapwing.” But now we celebrate once the protection of the “Beaver country in the Sinntal!,” as meadow. Learn more about the Beaver project see: country Godfather photo material to the press release you will find under: press news contact: Katja Wiese, Naturefund e. V. Sun Berger Street 20a 65193 Wiesbaden Tel.: + 49 611 50 45 810-19 we buy land for nature take with!

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    The energy brand convinced Munich with a simple model of savings, in February 2010, SorglosStrom customers have a decisive advantage: you need to worry about complicated numbers and prices, but save guarantees in relation to the basic catering prices per region: each kilowatt-hour consumed is less than the current general tariff of local basic utility at SorglosStrom always at least 1 cent. The energy brand SorglosStrom makes it since the beginning of their sales in March 2009 its customers as simple as possible: each customer saves at SorglosStrom with the 1 cent price guarantee, i.e. each kWh is at least 1 cent cheaper when compared to the current general rate of the respective local basic utility. Quickly bring the tariff SorglosRegioCent”to save the theme electricity consumers”. Some contend that Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine shows great expertise in this. “” This management: not a normal consumer would save seriously spend hours with the subject of power “and compare provider” deal. For this reason, we have a very easy to understand rate model developed the guarantee is our SorglosStrom customers to save without having to compare prices at the current: for each kilowatt hour is SorglosStrom always at least 1 cent cheaper than the current general tariff of local basic utility.

    It easier hardly.” The price guarantee is of course price fluctuations. Should, for example, the local basic provider cut its prices, the price reduction is transferred of course also on the rate of SorglosRegioCent of SorglosStrom because it is cheaper than the current general tariff of local basic utility and guaranteed over the entire duration of the contract at least 1 cent per kWh..

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    The ECOJET high-performance magnet system of SCS Schneider GmbH finally convinced and lowers energy costs today to about seven percent. In 1997, he developed the SCS Schneider GmbH and patented ECOJET was this mounted in front of the burner on the supply line. The targeted magnetic force ensures that the molecule chains of passing oil or gas are aligned. Thus, a better access of oxygen to the fuel and therefore a more efficient combustion is possible, since these will be fully implemented. To Helmut sour hammer, executive producer of Pyraser country brewery GmbH & co. KG: The ECOJET-high-performance magnet system SCS Schneider GmbH we succeeded, to reduce the consumption by more than seven percent. 7 percent initially may not be so much sounds, but we save alone at our facility in the boiler house by 2014 approximately 461 tonnes of 347 kg of nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon dioxide (CO2) and 683 kg sulphur dioxide (SO2) and impressive values.

    Thus we provide not only an efficient contribution to environmental protection, but still enrich our products especially for the environmentally conscious consumer.” No follow up costs Calculating the installation only after the demonstration of efficacy once installed the ECOJET is maintenance-free and cause no additional costs. The SCS Schneider GmbH guarantees the previously calculated energy savings. Marcus Schneider, Managing Director of SCS Schneider GmbH, added: we make our system the customer only charged if the previously calculated savings is actually achieved. To do this we carry out measurements before and after the installation. No economic risk for trying out our effective method, inexpensive and in the long term to reduce energy costs and at the same time to make an important contribution to environmental protection through reduced CO2 emissions was the Pyraser country brewery thus.” More information about the SCS Schneider GmbH and the ECOJET products can be found on the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/scs-cutter / contact for questions: Marcus Schneider SCS Schneider GmbH 29 Middle Road D-34277 Fuldabruck phone: + 49 (0) 561 22 07 01 – 22 fax: + 49 (0) 561 22 07 01 – 15 E-Mail: Internet: Marko Homann, Holger Ballwanz PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about the SCS Schneider GmbH developed the SCS Schneider GmbH from the Hessian Fuldabruck, manufactures, sells and installs the ECOJET-line high-performance magnet system. The average energy savings of the ECOJET is around 8 percent.

    Once installed, the ECOJET is maintenance-free and cause no additional costs. The SCS Schneider GmbH guarantees the previously calculated energy savings. Over 4,500 ECOJET systems are already in Germany and the neighbouring countries in the usage and save on heating systems, boilers, ovens or Thermo-oil boilers around 15,000 tonnes of CO2. To neutralize this quantity in nature, it would require about 1.3 million spruce. The SCS Schneider GmbH was founded in 1996 and was 2 and 3 Bayern – sustainable business in the 21st century until moving to Hesse founding member of the environmental pact. The SCS Schneider GmbH is listed on the Greentech Atlas of the Federal Environment Ministry and belongs to the export initiative for energy efficiency of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. 2008 the ECOJET power Jet was awarded with the bronze of the journal top hotel Star Award. For more information about the SCS Schneider GmbH and ECOJET are accessible on the Internet at.


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