• General 29.05.2019 Comments Off on The Blue Angel Is Becoming The Norm

    Erecon AG launches workshop tour titled “Blue Angel for energy-conscious data center operations” which is RAL-UZ 161 since July 2012 the essential basis of award of the label “Blue Angel for energy-efficient data centres”. The acquisition of the certificate has become so binding and standardized and regulated. To meet many requests that have arrived, the, the erecon AG launches their new tour of Germany on August 28, 2012 in Frankfurt to prepare interested data center operators in focused workshops on the certification with the ‘Blue Angel’ according to the RAL-UZ 161. The exact location of the meeting is yet to be announced. On the way to the Blue Angel – and thus safer operation and Green IT – an operator will will first determine the energy efficiency of its infrastructure, in the form of the characteristic value of SBS (energy usage effectiveness). On the basis of DIN EN ISO 50001 he established then a permanent energy management system, which regulates the energy-conscious procurement of new components. One will also Server virtualization ‘ now required, the Virtualisierungsgrad is continuously optimized. In the future at least 80 plus gold efficiency standard applies to power supplies ‘, also the COP of the cooling system is recognised and technically constantly improve.

    The new procurement directive detail on 19 pages, such as the Blue Angel ‘ is to achieve in the future. An operation that requires professional support by experienced consultants in many cases. Pay attention to the seminars on the ‘Blue Angel’ in your area or register with us. We inform you then once performs the ‘Blue Angel’ on your doorstep.


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