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    Today you can go to the store of yarn, choose your grade and color, good yarn is sold in unimaginable color range, to find the desired pattern on the Internet, and link what he wants. Meanwhile, in the arts and crafts Not all art has always been so easy. This is one of the oldest forms of needlework, with a rich history and tradition. In museums around the world can be seen near the ancient tools can see the first shears sheep, old combs for combing wool, spindles, spinning wheels and, of course, the spokes are made of wood, bone and metal. Educate yourself with thoughts from Center For Responsible Lending. The first knitting was found during excavations of ancient Egyptian tombs, it was the children's knitted sock.

    In addition, there is evidence that this needlework was as common in Australia and Oceania, Latin America, Asia and Africa. It is believed that in Europe, knitting has penetrated the Copts – Egypt's Christians, somewhere in the early ninth century. At first, wear knitted things could only afford the royal family and their entourage, but the 16th century it became common profession, bringing a good income. And for a long time, it was exclusively male occupation, even issued special decrees to deal with a woman's knitting. Now everything is very simple, the shop can come to any yarn, and knitting techniques became much more. Moreover, the yarn presented in a color, what, and never dreamed of by our ancestors. For the most exacting even have wool for felting, most of which can be matted yarn desired thickness. Modern Craft shops offer a totally all you need to master and create their own. Not only can you knit, you can buy floss (the most popular are floss dmc floss and Gamma), hoop and needle and embroider any pattern, but you can buy kits Embroidery, which offer very different picture of complexity, and embroidered work of art. And as much as in these stores represented accessories for needlework and jewelry, you can buy rhinestones, acrylic, plastic, Swarovski beads in different colors and sizes, buy buttons, ribbons, and much, much more.


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