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    I am of the opinion of which the woman and the man of our world present, advanced and technologically socially complex, are not happy because his spirit does not cultivate, all she develops in mind and body to it. For even more analysis, hear from BSA. A skeptic or an atheist could say that the espiritualidad is still a mechanism of evasion to escape of the habitual problems; but it is not certain: meeting our being we can confront with majors success guarantees any problem by serious that seems. Also we were very religious, reliable people of norms, rules and rites, that also, perhaps by an excessive normative self-discipline, end up losing what they thought to own: the spiritual health. It is necessary, to say that the good health and the disease have many ways to pronounce themselves. Since there are people who seem strong and healthful but in truth, they are dead spiritually and this is the most terrible and tragic disease because it means that everything is had lost. The good health has much to do with many aspects as they are the food, the genetics, the exercise, the climate, between many others, but most important it happens in our mind. Perhaps the people see men with spirits of soldiers who seem strong and healthful, but I can say perhaps that those people have one pretends good health but there is no Love in his hearts, then, they only have arrogance and spiritual ignorance, which killed, them finally.

    This is the reason that a calm mind, educated and a heart enamored with the life are so important. Cultivating the Love, the good, the pardon, the devotion and the service, are not only the qualities of which they meditate in remote mountains, but are essential elements in the life of the men. The correct thought will lead to us towards a healthful life, and we will attract and others, which we felt and we lived essentially in private on our thoughts. Perhaps episodes of lack of Love and terrible fears appear some times, but a mind and brings back to consciousness fortified in La Paz and the Love, it would surpass the darkest moments. And when the death arrives, that it brings back to consciousness spiritual will continue living so that the Love of God lives in which it loves the Love.

    And this is really good health. We do not have to forget that we are spiritual beings residing in a physical body, controlled by our mind. The health of our spirit is based on our capacity to love.


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