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    Notable in this article the characteristics of a superior accommodation in Mendoza Park Suites Hotel. Dedicated to providing the most exclusive services to businessmen in business trip, is the ideal logistical support to conduct all its activities with the greatest comfort. Search for accommodation in Mendoza is no longer a problem. Mendoza is one of the major cities of the region. Nestled in the Andean region, near the border between Argentina and Chile, has become a key stopover for passengers moving between the two countries. Due to increased economic activity in the region, most of the passengers who visit us are businessmen or executives who travel to Mendoza. Therefore, we present a choice of accommodation in Mendoza conceived and designed for this audience so special. The concept that dominates the actions of this accommodation in Mendoza superior that the passenger is traveling on business is not more concern that focus on their business, knowing that behind it is a team of industry professionals trained to assist the hotel in three different languages, full time.

    Once you arrive at the airport, the hotel is responsible for the trasfer. Then, once lodged, can have own transportation, with or without drivers, so you can move freely. The advantages of this accommodation in Mendoza are many. Through the hotel's website, passengers can make reservations with confidence. If you come with your own car, Park Suites has a special insurance against inclement weather, call safe ride. If the steps are closed by snow international, Park Suites will not charge you noshow rate.

    Also, if you must leave, and can not do it for the same reason, the hotel will make a 50% discount on subsequent nights may stay in Mendoza. The Park Suites is more than just accommodation in Mendoza. Citadel is a complete service for passengers wishing to enjoy a top-level experience. All the necessities are covered, from the most basic more specific until the passenger may have: communication, high speed wireless connectivity throughout the hotel grounds, a complete business center with fax, computers, and printers. Everything, in short, for the passenger to work one hundred per cent capacity while staying in this accommodation in Mendoza. But when it's time to relax, to combat stress and forget some of the concerns, this accommodation in Mendoza has a range of exclusive services for the total enjoyment of their guests. The Park Suites gives you the ability, through exclusive agreements with the most important wineries of the continent, to enjoy a fine selection of fine wines. Whether for personal enjoyment, to entertain a business meeting or a gathering with friends, Floor Wine service provides everything needed to engage in tasting the finest wines in the country, the ideal environment to relax, and enjoy friends, or entertain business contacts and close those deals so important. Do not miss this accommodation in Mendoza, will be amazed at what the Park Suites has to offer. Martin Montero


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