• General 17.08.2015 Comments Off on Global Resistance

    It is very interesting that after the huge and monstrous bombing campaign on the terrible, evil and contagious was named billion times Influenza A. And it goes all vaccination campaigns have failed miserably CE. Only in Spain were purchased 37 million doses, then it was estimated that 10 million would be spent and when the term ends, will have been used only 3 million (over three million, but good). Now we study what to do with others. Know that the estimated revenue for the makers of "our salvation" according to analysts at Morgan Stanley in U.S. reach of 600 million to Novartis, Glaxo and 3600 million for 1100 for Sanofi, only for the last quarter of 2009 and the first three months of 2010.

    This answer, or rather the lack of it to the "Global Pandemic", deserves serious reflection. Until recently the power centers knew very well how to manipulate the masses with impunity to achieve their goals. Continue to do so with much success. But a "Curious toy" created within the military in the sixties in the shadow of the Cold War slowly evolves and becomes present as we all know since 1995 (the year of its worldwide explosion) as the Internet. Well this "toy" for purposes of military control in the first instance, social and economic then evolves because everyone can participate. Today the Internet is an "entity" that operates independently. It is true that it is "secure" and can be extremely petty, but I think it is reflected all the good and bad of the human condition.


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