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    Correctly selected by the personal style rings for men emphasize bright personality and good taste of the owner. For men's rings, jewelers use a variety of shades of gold, silver and platinum, white and black diamonds, colored enamel and precious stones. The most popular black onyx, one of the stones that highlight the style and masculinity the stronger sex. Men prefer business dress, can not do without cufflinks. Cufflinks – fasteners, pass through a loop cuffs (sleeves) and the collar of men's shirts. Cufflinks appeared in Europe in the early xvii century. Other leaders such as American Diabetes Association offer similar insights. Initially, the sleeves tied with laces or ribbons. During the reign of French King Louis xiv in vogue is to use a pair of identical glass buttons, connected by a short chain.

    By 1715 this simple decoration is replaced by a more elegant, decorated with precious stones with gold chain. At that time, cuff links, very expensive to produce, is an accessory of the elite class and have not been widely disseminated among the masses. In 1924, invented a new zipper mechanism. Boyer Company began using the pin freely rotating along the entire length inside the legs. This system became so popular that is used today in most of cufflinks. Cufflinks are very important accessory, which emphasizes the completeness of the image of business men. The modern fashion industry offers a large selection of men's bracelets: gold, silver, with accents of leather and precious stones.

    Bracelets appeared in the antiquity as decoration warriors, kings and priests. Ancient men wore bracelets on the hands and feet, because bracelet is not only a symbol of royal power, but also magical amulets, protecting its owner from evil spirits and demons. Currently, men's bracelet – a necessary accessory for a modern trendy image. Men's bracelets, as a rule, the Braves in a strict, laconic style. A well-chosen male bracelets indicate the good taste of their owners. Very popular in the world today enjoy the men's chain. On the choice of buyers a wide range of circuits with different designs, weaving and sizes. Men's chain of gold, as a rule, represent the status of the owner, the craving for luxury and prosperity. Silver chains for men are demonstrating strength, confidence and an impeccable sense of style. In this case, silver men chains are perfectly suitable for all ages. Men are self-sustaining chain decoration, but can also be decorated with pendants. Men's pendants and pendants are no less interesting than the female. In addition, they can tell a lot about their owner, his interests and hobbies. In jewelry stores you can find many other fashion accessories for men: clips and hairpins for ties, earrings, pendants, money clips, business card holders. Men's Jewelry allow representatives of the stronger sex to look stylish and elegant. Availability of accessories demonstrates taste man and his ability to think their way through. When buying jewelry for men, try to get acquainted with the widest possible range of jewelry. Shopping trip for this kind of things can bring pleasure. Jewelry can not only change the image of his owner, but can become a family heirloom.

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    jaguar brand was founded in 1938 by Swiss industrialist Peter Haas. Founder has always tried to represent collections that meet the exceptional aesthetics that distinguishes this graceful and powerful animal, as jaguar. He created a model that combines the reliability and design-oriented as a fan of classics, as well as for people who prefer to follow the current fashion trends. After 67 years since the foundation of brand followers carefully maintain and develop the concept. In 1989, the Festina-Lotus group has become the owner of the mark the Jaguar. Getting into one of the largest watch groups provided an opportunity for future development jaguar Watch – Swiss brand was first presented at the European market. By jaguar Watch came international fame. Candino company was founded in 1947 as an independent enterprise.

    The company's headquarters is located in Bien alpine Jura region, and the production department – in the nearby town of Hebertsvil, where representatives of the family floor, founders of the company. By the way, opening their own production – the natural result of the history of the clan of hereditary watchmakers floor, engaged in this trade since the mid xix century. In January 2002, Candino entered the Spanish team Festina Lotus sa, which owns the brand watch Festina, as well as the luxury car brands Jaguar and Lotus. In January 2002, Candino entered the Spanish team Festina Lotus sa, which watch brand owned by Festina, as well as the luxury car brands Jaguar and Lotus. Since its founding Candino positioned itself as a watch brand "medium and high grade, producing quality products at affordable prices. Today Candino watch exports in 65 countries and is among the top twenty Watchmakers of Switzerland. The main markets for the company are Europe, the Middle and Far East. The range of hours Candino includes four main lines, each of which has its own ideology and is designed for a specific range of consumers.

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    History of how men's watches have become a favorite subject of jewelry and contemporary manifestations of taste. Portable clocks were available in the 1500's, but their accuracy was very poor, the errors were in the order of things, watches were no more than novelty for the rich. Pocket watches became popular in the late 1600's, a big step forward in accuracy occurs in 1657. Dominated by the Swiss watchmaking. By the beginning of the 1800's Swiss watchmakers available most European hours.

    Design, materials and advanced production methods for decades. Mass production but only really began in America in the mid 1850's, starting with Waltham. U.S. Wins Watch War Developments in the U.S. continued, so that by the end of 1800's America took the crown of Switzerland as the world's largest supplier of hours in the mass market. Wrist watches for men.

    Prior to that, the men had only a pocket watch. However, in 1911, Louis Cartier, and a master watchmaker Edmund Jaeger began the production of watches for sale watches have the name Santos. It was to meet aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont that he could in able to keep both hands on the wheel, without the distraction of a pocket watch. It is necessary that would keep his hands free, but to be able to check the time for the soldiers during the First World War also produced a wristwatch. Nothing so elegant as Cartier watches, pocket watches have become a watch on his wrist with a strap. However, changes have begun and new designs have appeared, so that by 1930 it was already prestigious to wear watches, outpacing pocket watch. The next major step forward in the world of watches has been changing the power supply from the spring through which generate energy. The first clock, which used the electric power made by Hamilton Watch Compan. Early in the watches using an electromagnet. Quartz in the 60's. Further progress in electric clocks followed by the appearance of quartz movement in 1960.

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    And a hat with wide brim can not even get comfortable in the seat. Have to sit on stand still, straighten your back on the ticker and do not move your head – so as not to catch anything fields shlyapy. trip is a continuous torture, and fatigue accumulates very quickly – it is impossible to relax, have only failed to move the seat as a restraint right there will carry a hat, and she, of course, will fall most unfortunate way, closing the review. But okay, leave aside the hat with a brim. Take a winter fur hat. Warmly, cozy, soft, comfortable, a review does not cover from head did not fall.

    All is well. Except for one thing – she closes her ears! Trifle? Driving a car is not carried out his ears, the traffic situation is estimated by eye, and closed at the sight ears are not affected – so? Nearly so. That way at 80 percent – so much information gets a driver with the help of sight. But the remaining 20% of the information – at the expense of hearing. Engine knock can not see, you need to hear exactly the same you can not see a signal from another car, the whistle of brake pads and so on. Man are his ears, and they need to use, especially in extreme situations. A driving – it's sheer desire to avoid the the most extreme situations, and experienced, skilled driver – someone who appreciates the road environment as the right way to foresee the actions of other road users to keep wide-open eyes and ears, and this allows him to bring the car from point A to point B without incident, moreover, it looks like a routine, quiet process.


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