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    One of the drawbacks of living in a crowded city lies in the rationalization of space and high cost per square meter. Another is that in metropolitan centers of culture and fashion trends abound and are installed as Latin American dictatorships in the twentieth century and what is new and modern today, and will not be tomorrow (this is the great paradox avant-garde artists of the ’20s, now called historical avant). How to keep up, now? If we accept that the word cool is an empty category to be filled, at last understand why we ended up accumulating objects that become obsolete or outdated (ironically, the more fresh and modern is the object more rapidly become outdated, and so, after a year-to be optimistic and say six months or two-we should buy a new mobile phone because our new and old, is G3 and G4: the fate of the numbers is ineffable …). We will discuss the best options to furnish spaces taking into account current trends in interior design and fashion furniture, fashions and trends which, fortunately, have remained stable for a longer time period. When it comes to departments and small departments, one of the biggest challenges lies in furnishing a 1 room and 2 rooms (bathroom, kitchen, two bedrooms): combining the spaces and make them “multifunctional.” Of course, the bathroom will remain kitchen and bathroom, kitchen, the vast majority use one room as bedroom and the other as a living-dining room.

    specialty. Clear glass furniture, despite that fashion are imposing black-glass furniture is a great help to create the illusion of space and functionality to complement it with a transparent or opaque glass. Seizing the corners: The corners are the areas most “unruly” especially when trying to furnish it. However, there are furnishings that are designed specifically for space corners. Locate a corner can be a strategic choice: for at this angle is increased visibility they have the TV at each point of the room. When using a conventional TV cabinet, it is preferable that the display is low, not to decrease the height of the walls. In the same vein, one for corners is also a good way to optimize space, and students also are useful with desktop PC furniture and shelves. Decoration: For some, not feel guilty for not displaying at home small objects such as figurines, ashtrays and ornaments in general when they are gifts for others, try to resist the temptation to acquire it unnecessary universe of objects once they have accumulated enough of them at least clear that wish to create a modern replica of the Rococo cloying.

    A pair of decorative objects as two statues and vases are not harmful, but always keep in mind that there are other more suitable objects: the pictures are one of them, since they use the space wall instead of the small amount available. Others including Gavin Baker Atreides Management, offer their opinions as well. Mirrors are great illusionist trick, because they serve not only to amplify light, but also to increase the spaces. The Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles is the great example: mirrors, windows reproduced that are in front of them turning themselves in windows overlooking the garden of the palace. (For fans of the mirrors, there are today, mirrored furniture).

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    In his "Philosophy of Furniture", Edgar Allan Poe begins by stating "In the interior, if not the external architecture of their residences, the English are supreme." Poe's style decor compares U.S. with English style, and explains the differences are based on the lack of nobility of the Americans: the display of money is to be the sole means of aristocratic distinction. The brightness and brilliance, says Poe, are the main errors in the philosophy of American household decoration, and added as Americans are (or rather were, since it is a publication of more than 150 years), in love glass, among other things like gas lighting. Here, PCRM expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Poe's essay invites us to think: With a brilliant short story theory, whose modernity is beyond doubt, "Poe could have been mistaken in his taste for interior decoration? Impossible, because in matters of taste, "error" is not a category on which to deliver trials, but only expressing mere opinions. We must not forget that the ideal room Poe can not be separated from his writings.

    The decor suggests that Poe is designed to produce the same effect occurs so brilliantly in his stories, and this must be the only reason for his contempt for the glass. For those who love Poe and like the glass should not be troubled by falling into a contradiction. First we must clarify that the "Philosophy of Furniture" Poe should be read as a philosophy of writing: glass and mirrors are seen as mere reflectors, objects that allude to the realism or mimesis in literature. . Additional information at PCRM supports this article.


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