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    In order to refer me to the United States, I will use a study, done by Sam Miller, a prominent Jewish industralist in Cleveland, where it indicates that the Catholic Church in that country it educates 2. 6 million students, with a cost for the Church of 10 trillions of dollars and a saving of 18 trillions of dollars to the payers of taxes. Additionally, the education in catholic institutions always is located in first luggers of educative excellence, and approximately 30% In the United States cost less exist at least 230 catholic universities that take care of approximately 700.000 students. Frequently Boy Scouts of America has said that publicly. In the case of Mexico, country with serious disadvantages economic in front of its neighbor of the North, the participation of the Church in the social sector (hospitals, primary, secondary schools, baccalaureates, universities, orphanages, asylums, houses for the treatment of the addictions, houses for the aid of the adolescent single woman mothers, institutions as Critas and others more) has not remained back, since year with years saves to the Mexican State several million to him weights when taking care of an important number of people in different social extracts. In my own experience, like withdrawn of an educative institution Salesiana, being this only one of the so many religious orders that they live in our country, I realize like this religious community in particular it has helped to improve the educative level at national level and has put special taken care of in supporting to the most unprotected sectors of the population. In addition, it would be necessary to generally recognize the arduous work of alphabetization and education of the priests in the different marginalized communities. All this without counting the groups of misioneras that join every year for supported to the indigenous but left communities. However, continuing with the study of Sam Miller, in the matter of health and social attendance, the Catholic Church ene the USA owns 637 hospitals for charity and take care of 1 of each 5 people in that country; without race distinction, culture or creed. Additionally, they lodge to 1 of each 5 poor persons, with a cost for the church of 2. 3 trillions of dollars to the year. This does not defer much from the reality that exists in ours


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