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    Hugo W. Boy Scouts has compatible beliefs. Arostegui talk about Antropomaximologia makes slightly more than ten years I took contact with some people who were studying the development of the human being, the search and research led them to the creation of a new science which called: ANTROPOMAXIMOLOGIA. Namely: ANTHROPO – being human maximum – maximum lodge development – study: the study of the capacity of maximum development of the being human. The first test reached by these scholars of human behavior, has been that during the course of the story, the number of those who were notable for their high intellectual and moral development is very small compared with the number of people of whom they were contemporary. This led them to the second check; That this demonstrated that the most people cannot use more than 5% (five per cent) of their intellectual capacity. From these two premises, there is a need to find answers that identify which are the qualities acquired and developed by those who manage to achieve high levels of excellence. This small group that does not exceed 0.5% to 1% of the total population, are those who shock or vibrate to others, this select group have belonged to all the great characters of the history. Also found achieve these qualities is certainly not proprietary of those who have developed them that each person possesses in its interior the same potential and that it is their duty to identify these qualities and work on them in order to achieve the maximum development of their capacity. So that each one can evaluate the evolution of its capacity for development, will put at your consideration the qualities that have been identified, qualities that are common to each individual attributes and that once we identify them and develop us open the doors through which pass the true winners. Behold, then, the attributes that make the difference, the added value, which identifies those who succeed in their endeavors.


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