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    Poetry is easy. At night, you suddenly wake up from some kind of push-in head and formed themselves into words what a rhyme form. At this point, better to sit down and lay out, adjusting as we go that falls on the paper, getting mint shape and crystallizing in the line. Postponed until later does not suggest tomorrow you can not remember what seemed so clear, thought rasplyvutsya. The main thing would take the mood with which it was written. Will not rhyme, the brain stops offer many options … In general, the poems are written under the inspiration and it is desirable for one approach. But this is if you are a poet.

    And there are options. For example, you consider yourself a poet, and associates do not think so. It is not necessary to consider all of nothing understanding boring, and certainly a genius. Maybe people in something wrong, and your poems need to be worked? It is first necessary to understand: Why do you write poetry? CASE ONE: NEED POEM ON … If you do not itself to make a poet, a one-time need. For example, to congratulate his mother on his birthday, and not just stand there at the table and mumbled some nonsense. A loud, so clear, rhythmically! Imagine how happy Mom will be, what pride for the guests will experience it. Wither the flowers that you gave, gathering dust on a shelf to be forgotten vase, but your poems mom will always remember.

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    Local engagement of many writers who specialize in the adventures of supermen, led to howl with delight, this is a true story. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Center for Responsible Business. And it happened with our chief director of vodka, at that time still the main and another young director. But even then revealed his human utmost originality and creativity! In the summer evening, in which I am talking about, accompanied by vodka train former classmates and has per capita more than it could bear Even this body, like vodka, adding heroic, yet without the extra fat. In general, he was dead tired and wanted to be as soon as possible at home, and before that – quickly celebrate a natural need. Being in the shower intelligent man, the director did not go behind a bush, and moved to the coveted house. A related site: UPS mentions similar findings.

    In the house two doors led. For a really settled down a toilet, for the other – the police station. At the door, "Especially for dull, "hung a plaque once an appropriate inscription, while some malicious prankster are not erased from her all the letters except" M ". So vodka is not a wrong door drunk, and a misunderstanding. True, his eyes are all were thoroughly flooded, and the desire to relieve so great that, on the verge of opening his jeans, he immediately sent a stream of deep space. And almost knocked her down was there at the sergeant. The sergeant, even though he was a simple village small, encountered such rudeness from the first time, and for a moment, it paralyzed him.

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    The first edition of this dictionary was published in 1947. And until 1947, it had to be known to all philologists and Shakespeare is in the works of Shakespeare himself. In the fifth stage of the second act of the play "Two Gentlemen of Verona," Lohnes said: Because thou hast not so much charity in thee AS TO GO to the ale with a Christian. M. Kuzmin translated these words as follows: Because you are so little Mercy, you do not want to go to a Christian in a pub.

    Verbatim the same, without missing a Shakespearean text, the word "want", the translation is: Because you are so little mercy to go to the pub with Christian. In the first scene of the first act of the play "Measure for Measure" Duke, referring to Angelo says: There is a kind of character in thy life, That to th 'observer doth thy history Fully unfold. Thyself and thy belongings Are not thine own so proper AS TO WASTE Thyself upon thy virtues, they on thee. T.Schepkina Kupernik-handed sense as highlighted in the original traffic: In life you have features such that an observer on them easy to read all your future. And you yourself and your quality is not such that (that) you're on a one to spend it. In the fourth stage of the fifth act of the first part chronicles "GenrihVI" Carl says: 'Tis known already that I am possess'd With more than half the Gallian territories, And therein reverenc'd for their lawful king.


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