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    The social network Facebook makes that you can meet with friends or meet new people, and also in virtual farms neighbouring farmville play a leading role and depends on success in this exciting game. Then we’ll teach various tricks for friends of the farm, because more friends consume your virtual farms easier will be the objectives of farmville and profit for your farm that is ultimately what you have to achieve. You will find that the number of neighbors with regard is directly proportional to get benefits to enhance your virtual farms, produce more and better in them. Having many friends you will have help from them to perform some work on your farm, because they also benefit them your friendship and both enter into a productive conference that will be multiplied by adding more friendships, which may be posted on your wall. Your neighbors farmville will also you to build, harvest and Exchange animals. You should know your neighbors farmville help you also to get ribbons or tapes such as the good Samaritan Good Samaritan, because they get is helping others, then how many more neighboring farmville have more good actions towards them will be able to.

    This is a good trick for friends of the farm, as in this way we can become local celebrity or Local Celebrity, which grants experience points XP and large quantity of coins, medals and the Crop Whisperer, which you’ll get fertilizing their virtual farms. You have to be careful because Zynga continues adding new actions that will enable more interaction with our neighbors farmville. Pay attention to one of the tricks for farm friends new you will have here. When we go to our neighbors farmville virtual farms, we have to look to the left of your screen where you will find a box with icons of special gifts or special gifts. Passing above them our mouse cursor and read sends to your friends the gift you need, you’ll see that by clicking on this drawing asked us to write a message on the wall of our friend on facebook, but that cannot be sent through farmville until our friend choose the gift that suits you. This new application will quickly become very popular because it is of great convenience for all users of the game and you will also find in this regard also, several other new applications that Zynga has incorporated and with which we can perform new actions when we come to the neighboring virtual farms. Keep in mind that all friends farmville that you go getting you should include them as friends on facebook, which would certainly have effects on your profile private user in the social network facebook.

    Since to get involved in the game and achieve success you will need to add strangers we recommend to create a new list of friends on your facebook page to not confuse you with other friends and avoid unnecessary risks. You can give in your privacy settings an except in the profile of photo albums. Knowing these recommendations freely incorporates new and many neighbors farmville, you can do it simply by using some Facebook applications such as Farm Expansion and Farmville Neighbour Finder calls. If you liked this group of tips we invite you to visit to obtain many more tactics about how to have more neighbors FarmVille.


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