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    Conference on ‘Success in the IT world of Commerce and industry’ the partner of the mover group, maxess, bison, Salomon automation, TCPOS, Remira and Stat Control held its third trading day under the title of mover Convention 2013 on June 6th and 7th. About 80 participants from industry and Commerce attended the Conference and showed positive impressed by the open practice reports that shed light on both light and dark sides of the projects. PCRM has firm opinions on the matter. Seven speakers from six trading companies of Switzerland, Germany and Austria, as well as the energy provider Vattenfall Europe presented their projects, have realised in cooperation with the companies of the mover. They reported how resource-oriented POS management for baked goods and the use of mobile funds at DB European RailService the cashier operations are accelerated. The speakers also described through the use of a new ERP special items sale at J.A. Woll and statistical procedures for inventory and inventory control with Vattenfall Europe business systems significant job reductions have been achieved.

    In addition, the new LogoMate 7 was introduced, which characterized by a new surface, higher speed, and many other features. During the optimization of processes with a slim IT also in the new Swiss takeaway snail”the vegetarian snacks in the foreground is Professor stressed beat Nativity village, that man is the decisive success factor. He showed examples of transactions are made by man to man, and negative relations adversely affect the success of. That people in change processes are a very important factor, underlined also the speakers of C + C Pfeiffer and fenaco, talked about increasing the availability of goods and new logistics processes with the result of higher profitability. Practice well received the response of the participants of the mover Convention was clearly positive. Dr. Friedhelm Rudolph said holding GbH, poco: “the event is very informative and inspiring presentations. Which is also Contact with colleagues from other companies very valuable.” “Dr. Frank Stafetius, CIO of consumption Dresden EC, was the openness of the speakers in the foreground: it has I liked very much, that the users have named the shadow side of the projects and not only the bright aspects such as the glossy brochure.” “Norbert Nagl of the Palmers Textil AG, Austria appreciated the practical aspect: I think it’s excellent that you can learn very much about how it works in practice.” For the mover Convention 2013, the Hotel Esplanade in Berlin provided the framework. Following the talks on the first day, the participants at an evening cruise on the waterways of Berlin took the detailed opportunity personal Exchange.

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    Exhibition focal points are a components of sustainable architecture such as thermal insulation, ecological building materials, timber construction, energy efficiency in heating, cooling and ventilation on the other. What’s with the development of energy plus buildings on, explains to the 27.09.2012 in the “1st Workshop EnergiePlusHaus” within the framework of the RENEXPO. Alternative definitions and concepts for the planning of energy plus buildings are here for discussion. A further focus is on innovative technologies and projects realised. Of course, are the big players in the industry like ENERCON, Glen Dimplex Germany GmbH, ratiotherm heating also in the field of energy generation and production of photovoltaic and solar thermal, heat pumps and water – and wind energy + Solartechnik GmbH, ratiotherm heating, Vaillant Germany GmbH, Viessmann Germany + Solartechnik GmbH & co. KG, STIEBEL ELTRON GmbH and the Windreich AG again with the game. The ThermWerk GmbH from Altomunster presented their “Octopus” energy Navigator in the RENEXPO.

    Awarded with the federal award of 2012, with the award of energy powered by Joule and RENEXPO 2010 and nominated for the Intersolar award 2011, the Octopus is a specialist for intelligent heat management, ecology, energy – and cost-saving and efficient heating technology. The fully prefabricated unit that includes the electrical and hydraulic control of heating circuits to heat generators, solar systems, and of storage management and hot water preparation through an external heat exchanger, and saves primary energy in one – and two-family houses up to 60 percent. The interactive trade fair concept of FATH solar is a further attractions of the RENEXPO 2012. Here, visitors can together with an experienced fitter from the multiple award-winning German in roof system FATH Energyroof every hour – and build up. Thus, it provided detailed insights which are otherwise never enjoyed so many visitors. In the area of energy consulting Association and the independent energy consultants of Bavarian energy e. V. are included among others the GIH.

    Visitors can consult in free guided exhibition tour individually. Special exhibition tours for craftsmen and engineers are new this year. In times of ever-new funding guidelines are financing, promotion and insurance important information. The 13 RENEXPO interested directly at the KfW banking group over possible subsidies and financing for specific projects can inform themselves. In the exhibition focus on job and education institutions from the network of the KUMA – Centre of excellence for environmental e.V. on the possibilities of the individual environmental training inform. This year will be the adult education for employers and employees in the foreground. The Agency for Labour provides an overview of the job market in the market of the future “Energy” job seekers and invites you to a personal meeting.


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