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    As the actuators can be used by electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuators. Depending on the position of the regulatory (closing) Body adjustments can be: normally open (NO) – a fully open bore in the absence of a control signal, normally closed (NC) – with a fully closed bore in the absence of control signal. Depending on the design of the regulator valves can be single-seated or dvuhsedelnymi. Single seat valves, compared with dvuhsedelnymi, have the advantage that provide a tight overlap of working medium flow in the closed position. The disadvantage of single-seated control valves is that they plug unloaded, and therefore they require more powerful actuators. Crone, when the same nominal bore single seated valves are smaller (approximately 1.6 times) the amount of bandwidth, compared with dvuhsedelnymi. Single seated valves are classified in regulating and locking and regulating. As a rule, single seated control valves are used in cases where it is necessary to obtain a reliable flow of overlap with the valve closed, and the regulation of flows of viscous fluids and inhomogeneous media.

    Single seated valves are also used in small-conditioned aisles of pipelines. Dvuhsedelnye valves have a floating gate, which is one of the major advantages over their single-seated valves. Force developed by the working environment due to the presence of the pressure drop across the valve acts simultaneously on both rigidly interconnected plunger in opposite directions. Thanks This two-truck valves at the same drive can be used at higher pressure drops, as compared with other types of valves. Jr is the place to go. The disadvantage control valve is inability to pass a sealed overlap because of the unevenness of the temperature deformation of parts due to differences in linear expansion coefficients of materials of the gate and the body, uneven wear of both saddles, the complexity of exact simultaneous lapping of the plungers to their saddles. Type of action (normally open or normally closed) dvuhsedelnogo valve can be changed by varying the assembly of the same parts (saddles and plungers).

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