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    To treat this concept they had been elaborated five kits with the following materials: 05 flat plastic containers; 05 covers of pipe; 05 bottles pet; 05 rubber preachers. A puncture in the bottle was made pet for where the water would leave up to one tampinha of pipe with two punctures in the deep one, making the water to flow off. Tampinha was imprisoned with grudados rubber preachers in the flat plastic container (figure 1). Figure 1: assembly of the activity on pressure the situation-problem to be decided by the pupil was ‘ ‘ to discover a skill to make potinho to be always full d? water. But we only can play water in the bottle pet’ ‘ (OAK, 1998). The pupil would have to perceive that as much potinho to be fulled how much the bottle pet I contend water was pierced. Therefore, pet would have to always continue fulling the bottle continuously, controlling the height of the water column so that jatinho of water that left for the orifice reached potinho.

    As the problem it was to keep potinho always full, the water column in the bottle would have to be always above of its orifice and, thus, due to atmospheric pressure to exert a force on the liquid, the water spurt would leave with bigger speed, having reached a bigger distance. For the second chosen activity the subject was ‘ ‘ the problem of barquinho’ ‘. In this activity the pupil has the chance of if involving the concepts of dimension, faying surface and balance. To be decided problem consisted of constructing to a paper cockle-boat aluminum and distributing masses (washers) on its surface without it sank. Some sources of inquiry existed that the pupils would have that to make to try to decide this problem that will be displayed of the following form: ‘ ‘ How it will be that people make to construct a cockle-boat that, in the water, obtains to load the biggest number of pecinhas without sinking?

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