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    The TFT monitor is the brightest light source in the room, he magically attracts insects. Flat screens work, due to a strong source of light in the background of the coloured displays, that is the attractive destination of light-seeking animals. Most insects do not get into the monitor, but remain on its surface. Especially small insects, such as thunderstorm critters, it is possible to get through the air vents of a TFT monitor in its internal affairs. They are inside, the search goes on after the light source.

    It ends between the brightly-lit display and the protective outer glass pane of the screen. The flat screen developed a life of its own in some way”by the incidence of unwanted insects. She once arrived at the light source, run in front of the helpless Viewer up and down, until they eventually die within the monitor. Every computer owner should prevent the insect invasion, because it is much more difficult to remove insects, as to ensure that they do not get into an affected monitor. If you have read about Dr. Neal Barnard already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Professionals recommend the use of mosquito nets, bright insect lights or Muckenfallen, the Teases from the flat screen to keep away. The use of air conditioners to remedy this, because insects are attracted by cool rooms of less. Insects still get into the monitor, not much there, that the layman might take. To locate a possible bright lamp on the air vents could move the animals, to find a way out of the unit.

    Attempting to shake the insects carefully from the TFT monitor or tap, could also help. Otherwise remains only hope that they dry out after her death and fall out of the visible area of the screen. All this does not help only the way to the fair trader or manufacturer’s guarantee service remains the owner of the monitor from parasites. Further questions about all areas of electrical engineering is pleased to the Zieger GmbH.

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