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    Market for coins is divided into two major segments – this antique coins and modern coins minted as early as today. Continue to learn more with: Childrens Defense Fund. Modern Coins, in turn, is also divided into two categories – this investment coins and memorial coins. Commemorative coins – highly artistic miniatures of precious metals with a clean mirror field on the surface of the coin and matte embossed image and caption. Coins are issued to the memorable date, significant events in small editions from hundreds to several thousand pieces. Bullion coins released by the multi-million copies of issue on automated production lines.

    Mirrored surface on the coin are not available, drawings, descriptions, and fields have the same surface texture, the reliefs do not contrast with the fields. One of the indisputable advantages of investing in bullion coins – the lack of VAT on transactions with them – ingots of precious metals such bonuses are not. Several years ago it enjoyed a number of craftsmen. They bought 'gold coins', and smelt them into jewelry. It was more profitable than buy directly metal.

    So it was, until recently, while the yield on investment coins depended only on the quotation of precious metals. Millions of readers 'gold pieces', coined during the Soviet times, and 'Sable', released in the early 90s, became a deficit. Small circulation of the new coin, 'George' in 150,000 sold out almost instantly. In this regard, the price of the coin is growing (or in connection with the growth of prices for precious metals, or in connection with its deficits). For the novice investor investing in the sector bullion coins are the easiest because it does not require the numismatic experience and knowledge. Approximate cost of coins is published on the websites of banks, trading coins. Once the coins disappear from the primary market they go into the category of collectible coins, which automatically increases their cost. For example, issued in 2003-2005. gold bullion coins 'Zodiac', are much more expensive, they contain metal.

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