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    First of all, we must consider what "of a legal person." Usually in public circulation are dealing with entities. law in Russia provides that each entity may have its representation through which it operates. That is, representation – a separate division or a kind of branch, which is not registered as a separate entity, but which operates and represents the interests of the parent organization. In other words, of open, usually in other cities or areas, and carry them through their activities. The parent entity that created the office, defines the monetary and financial assets for a separate division. Also guide the legal entity (company) is developing internal rules and regulations for the operation of the mission.

    For the implementation of the guidance offices primarily a legal entity appointed by the leadership, which operates under a power of attorney. Representation does not act by itself. The documents which created his company's stated Mission, and in the documents of the mission indicated a legal entity, it is created. This is due to the fact that office has no legal status, which limits the liability of missions and increases the risks for counterparties. It should be understood that the responsibility for the actions of representation is created it a legal entity, so you must be attentive not only to document representation, but also the parent company. Under current law, the representation can not engage in activities that are directly aimed at making profit. The main objective of representation – representation of the parent organization, negotiating on behalf of, the establishment of a contractors.

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