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    The notice of liquidation of the Company in the prescribed form to the tax office records in 3-day period after the decision on liquidation. Authorized tax authority issues a notice that the firm is being liquidated, and makes this entry in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. Placing the publication in the Journal of State Registration of the Company’s liquidation, as well as on the procedure and terms of application claims of its creditors (this period can not be less than 2 months after publication) in the press. Meetings of the liquidation commission after the expiration of claims by creditors, which approved the draft interim liquidation balance sheet.

    The project must contain information on the property of the company being liquidated, the list of requirements creditors, as well as information about their consideration. Harmonization of the interim liquidation balance with the body carrying out state registration of legal entities. 5.6. The liquidation commission shall sell the property at a public company Trading in the manner prescribed for the enforcement of judicial decisions (in the case when society is not enough money to meet creditors’ claims). The liquidation commission shall submit applications for withdrawal Society with regard to the tax authority and extrabudgetary funds. Boy Scouts of Americas opinions are not widely known. As a general rule in this case appointed inspection.

    From the date of approval of the registering authority interim balance sheet liquidation committee makes cash payments creditors of the Company in due course. After the claims of creditors of the previous turn and not earlier than 1 month after the approval of the interim liquidation balance of liquidation committee proceeds of settlements with other creditors. After completion of payments to creditors, the liquidation committee is meeting at which approves the project liquidation balance sheet. Produced matching liquidation balance with the registering authority. The liquidation commission shall allocate between the parties to the liquidated company remaining after satisfaction of creditors’ property Liquidation Commission reflects the payments to creditors and shareholders in the liquidation act. Upon completion of settlement with the founders of the Company’s liquidation commission closes the bank account (the closure of each account should be reported to tax authority in the prescribed form within 7 days). The liquidation commission shall be deposited in the archives of personnel documents Society (orders, account cards, personal accounts by payroll payment or payroll register) and minutes of general meetings of the society. Reception of documents in the archives certified certificate, a copy of which is transmitted to the registering authority. Getting to the elimination of the enterprise, should clearly understand that miracles do not happen, and can not be quickly, legally and without an audit regulatory bodies to liquidate the firm. And of course you can not do it quickly because the procedure for all necessary action is set and regulated, respectively, quickening the time or not doing some stages, negates the very meaning of the formal liquidation of the enterprise. Existing legislation constantly changing regulations, under which occur the liquidation action, too, are changing. Therefore, we believe that before taking any action on the liquidation of the enterprise, it is better consult with those who know the specifics of liquidation and is engaged in this long and seriously.

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