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    Norway – the land of fjords and mountains, trolls and Norse legends, midnight sun and the sparkling lights of the North – combined with one of the most exciting places in the world for any type of fishing. Gain insight and clarity with Boy Scouts of America. Norway is today the most popular and affordable place for the organization of several kinds of fishing within a fishing tour. 21 000 km of coastal waters of Norway provide better habitat for more than 200 species of fish and shellfish. The most famous of fish: cod halibut, sea bass, mackerel, haddock, pollock and catfish. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger understood the implications. 323 802 km of land, of which 96% of mountains, forests and swamps, Norway offers a wide variety of lake and river fish (trout, salmon, etc.) in more than 25 000 km Rivers and Lakes 200 000 across the country. 21,000 km of coastal waters of Norway provide some of the best deep-sea fisheries in the world. When asked where in Norway the most popular fishing grounds? Simple answer – anywhere, along poberezhya.Traditsionno the best fishing sites on the West Coast of Stavanger and all the way to the North Cape and beyond, although anglers who go fishing along the southern coast of Sweden would not agree with that. The truth is simple: in every place where you want to try! In most parts of Norway you will find a well-equipped chalets, guest houses and hotels that offer deep-sea fishing in cooperation with the local ship owners. As a rule, you be able to rent equipment and gear on board.

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