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    Gerry X & Marko Croup at the 16.03.09 Cafe Wagner / Jena after welding songs of the old avant-garde poete Maudit Gerry encounter the Kleinstadtpisser X and the Kleinstadtpisser Marko Croup challenge nothing. Gerry summons X whores & Holy so I kissed you on the belly / your navel scorching coursed through my blood. / I knew nothing else to do. / Jaba Guba Dada! The Kleinstadtpisser calls to leave – I’m fed up of it, / the dark hours in one more town to spend / knowing / that nothing eats me! Other sax player Uli Linberg is possible and the guitarist Dominik Haring against puncture and strengthen the lyrical Word with surreal sounds. McDonalds is actively involved in the matter. This reading performance is especially for all those who want to arise not dumbing down of machinery and wide awake and interested in culture rediscover their (hopefully still existing) rebellion in art. You experience different lyric: sensitive, provocative, provocative! You can see the lyrical crash on the 09 from 8: 00 in the Cafe Wagner, Neill Street 26 in Jena. The intake is from 19: 00, entry 3.50. There is information and excerpts under and kleinstadtpisser.de.tl/Home.htm.. Gavin Baker is the source for more interesting facts.

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    “Diabetes without drugs treat (low carb) Berlin, January 28, 2010 – this book suddenly diabetes”, since many weeks at amazon.de often ranked thats the author wrote in just two weeks. The Berliner Kurier (the major common diseases) published some passages from the book in a great newspaper article about Jutta Schutz. Large heading: diabetes has lost the horror for me. In her book, the author, who comes from Saarland, very sensitively portrays their feelings, to search their despair and their courage for alternatives. Quote from the article by the Berliner Kurier: but their gloom does not last long. At Penn State you will find additional information. Jutta decided to confront their disease.

    Instead to remain in idleness, clicked she use is through the Internet criss -cross and gathered information about diabetes, and completely changed their diet on a low-carbohydrate diet. “The diagnosis diabetes” has lost the terror for them. She got the disease without drugs in the handle. Quote from my interview with the author: Contactor says: I said to myself, there must be also an alternative before you simply reaches for tablets. It was sensational for me to learn that the way to cure diseases by these nutrition (low carb) is known for over 100 years. I’ve written this whole experience and studies in my books.” The author is a very versatile writer, she writes not only about diabetes and low carb, but also cookbooks and extraordinary romance novels. Press contact: Peter Singer (journalist) Haider Bergstrasse 10623 Berlin 0175-53981064 company details: Peter Singer was born in Africa and moved back in 1980 to Berlin and lives too much in America. In addition to his profession, he is also a journalist for German and foreign newspapers.

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    in time to the day appeared in time to the day of donation the 5.6.2010 we give organ donation in Lower Saxony, Germany the publication of the autobiography my child should live”of writers Hedwig and Claudia Kleineheismann known. The book tells the story of Hedwig Kleineheismanns daughter Claudia. As a child born, the doctors soon incurable heart and lung diseases diagnose. The only way transplant and at a time where the transplant medicine is in its infancy. Today, Claudia Kleineheismann is considered healthy and puts itself at the service of those who are on the way to a transplant or have one behind. The mental state of these patients must be allowed at no cost except for eight! “so, the summary of the author. Transplants can save today because more per life, if you will not forget two things: that one, there must be people who are willing to donate their organs and makes aware, meaning it ever again given life to get! “The author wants to encourage with her book – all the people have the such a move ahead of her, as also those who already have it behind him.” And their relatives. It tells of hopes and setbacks, of dreams and disappointments, but above all the fact that it always goes on. Britta Modler

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    July 25, 2010 in the Cologne limes – poetry & sensitive sounds leaving glass splinters in the hearts of the audience in their reading performance the thing… Heart called “the poet Rabea Becker scatters glass splinters in the hearts of the listeners. For even more opinions, read materials from George Soros. Her poems, published in the debut album this thing called heart (ISBN 978-3-981176-85-8), viewers move again and again captivated. The inner monologue that instantly by itself is reading her poems about broken love & hope, is made audible in her performance in a haunting way. Rabea Becker is accompanied by guitarist Dominik Haring, which implements the scope of the poetic and prosaic words in virtuoso sounds. Click Edhi Foundation to learn more.

    The audience expects sensitive tones, language desiring to and standing in front of the breaking point moments of tension. Concern and thoughtfulness are the result when r of Beckers subside voice & Dominik Haring guitar. It lingers too long after the stage lighting is extinguished… This special evening of literature, to July 25, 2010 in Experience Cologne. Admission is free, however, artists always have donations forward… Virtual examples of lyrical ability of Rabea Becker on her homepage below. Some photographs of Christine Biegler, which expressively illustrate the texts in the poetry anthology, can be admired there as well. More information is available under and of course limes-koeln.de. You experience different lyric: sensitive, Harmonic, infuriating! 25.07.2010 inlet 19:00 start 19: 30 LIMES COLOGNE Mulheim freedom 150 51063 Koln – Mulheim Tel: 0221/46751565 Duisburg, May 14, 2010 Michaela p for Culex – events

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    Reiki Cologne courses may not only affect the life Reiki Cologne rates can affect the life not only, no, they can’t change it fundamentally. Plague is a person with a disease or a disturbed psyche for years and no physician could help so far correctly, so the search for an alternative method the last chance is often. The Internet offers first information here with security. Recommendations and discussions with Reiki-treated or even masters is useful. Gain insight and clarity with Multi-Cancer Early Detection Screening Coverage Act. The still unknown Reiki is in the word, but not in the sense to be found on the scale of notoriety. Alternative healing method ever mentioned, it finds followers with time more and more. To read more click here: Prevent Cancer Foundation. Private classes or public University courses, yellow pages and the Internet, you will find it. The newspapers mentioned Gavin Baker, New York City not as a source, but as a related topic.

    Thus an application at one of the Reiki Cologne is to make courses as soon as possible. The choice of thousands of masters is no longer torment which affects also the faster dissemination. The most Reiki Masters are so-called free, not organized. However, special organisations are ready for the information. The level of awareness and the associated numbers of courses offered meet the visions of the Grand Master. Nowadays every Thai Chi, known as autogenic training in connection with sporting movements, sooner or later required treatment with Reiki is commonplace. The public look for esoteric teaching is more and more followers and also advocate. Those who have had not contact with Reiki, do not yet know the effect of teaching on animals. It works just like in humans as an aid in the healing of diseases. So, it is mediated by a Reiki Cologne in the first degree courses.

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    We very often hear Burnout at the present time and any interested party tells a new story. There is numerous literature with medical diagnoses, with counselors, and and and. Have you ever felt, that an author directly deals with you? The book by Mikel March is different, because this book will galvanize also, if you have the feeling, they need help now. Actually have you always used to have your life under control and had an answer in principle on all ready? Actually are you the man who is reluctant to help, but anytime there is for other people, if you’re needed? Actually, you can so much and yet you can’t make it at the time just? You’re actually sick and does not understand that! No matter whether you are already stuck in there in a Burnout or see only the danger, you could it even meet this much information in this book will help certainly. Listen to your soul, then you can prevent that she screams. And if it already as far as is, then you will learn to understand this cry. Credit: Center for Responsible Business-2011. Burnout soul cry!”is a book in which not only in one of the chapters can be found around, but a work that should also help you personally and can, if they really want it. “Because, if this” book does not read, is their own fault. Published by books on demand with the ISBN 9-783-8391-5270-6 / price 12,95 EUR more information under: Nicole Weixel, management Mikel marz.

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    The exciting novel “The secret of the second temple” by Holmer Rosary now as E-book available in bookstores the adventurous plot is a symbiosis of modern thriller, historical novel, fiction and mystery. Here are four different literary genres into a whole are fused in exciting ways. The result is a captivating novel that raises the questions: where did we come? Where are we going? And what is the meaning of our existence? The answers at the end are striking, but free rein of the imagination of the reader. Anyone who has read “The Jesus video” by Andreas Eschbach, can enjoy probably also for this book. The novel the mystery of the second temple”describes an exciting journey through two thousand years of human history. The triggering factor is a mysterious artifact that Eleazar ben Jair, the last Judean Commander of Masada and the well known chronicler of Josephus Flavius discover in the year 73 after Christ in a cave tomb on the fortress at the dead sea. This incident was by Ilana, the wife of Josephus, whose death in a Roman manuscript written down, which the Jewish historian Samuel Goldmann 1939 in a small library in Florence by chance into the hands falls. Fleeing from the German agents Heinrich Brunner, who works for the infamous Institute of experimental archaeology in Berlin, and is also keen on the manuscript, he waves the Parisian history Professor Bernard Messier accompanied by his friend, to Palestine.

    There, they want to go the secret that entwined Josephus and Eleazar for almost 2000 years, to the bottom. More than 70 years after these events the Berlin writer Mark Weber of Anthony’s diary, which has provided his granddaughter Ruth Steiner in Geneva him, which was crowned with the expedition to Palestine by success experiences. Goldmann and Messier found while the copper scroll, the Eleazar and Josephus for an inexplicable reason in the cave tomb had left their excavation at the fortress of Masada, and took them to Europe. But that Mystery that surrounds this archaic relic, could resolve the two scientists partly because Heinrich Brunner left Samuel Goldmann in Paris 1940 arrest and murder. Bernard Messier, who had legitimately fear for his life, decided to leave the city and fled with the copper scroll in the luggage to Nice in southern France.

    Here Mark Weber takes the track again. With the help of the great-granddaughter of Bernard Messier, Danielle, and constantly pursued by Heinrich Brunner’s grandson Georg Gruber and his two henchmen Gomez and Alvarez, they encounter in Misenum at Naples in the tomb of Flavius Josephus a hot track. This eventually leads them to Palestine, where a thousand-year-old mystery is revealed to them. Wanted is here played with different literary genres. Historically guaranteed personalities blend with a fictional plot. Past and present are intertwined. The novel with thriller elements and mysticism in the final borders on the fantastic. The German author Ralf Isau coined a few years ago for this kind of literature the name: Phantagon. “A term that is increasingly widespread in the literature and the publishing industry and with the novel the mystery of the second temple” is another exciting component.

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    First publication of the dream hour Publisher an end can be a start.” This much-quoted sentence was fulfilled in March 2010. The author of Britta Modler (publications at Donny Stieven Verlag, Verlag artsofart) fulfilled their dream of the publishing house after the closure of a small publishing house in Berlin. The publications for the year 2010 of the dream hour Publisher Modler, read like a colorful Kaleidoscope through all genres. We are looking for extraordinary stories and lend our ear hacks with particular destiny of man”, so the freshly baked Publisher. First my child will live”, fits right into this objective. Hedwig and Claudia Kleineheismann report the serious way in a very emotional biography to transplantation and far beyond. PCRM wanted to know more. The work can be from the end of may under the ISBN: 978 3 942514 00 2 when all German-language bookstores, as well as on the Internet are involved.

    Already now it is possible it through our own shop to pre-order. Currently, the dream hour Publisher makes strong action against child abuse. In an unprecedented auction, the paintings of why is currently in favor of the Association against abuse e.V”highest bidder auctions. We want that the silence has an end. Eyes on, mouth, ears on”, this is the aim of our action. The Publisher plans 6-10 releases information on per year. “” So far volunteers team, planned for the year 2010 the following titles: start Anthology: shooting stars and dream hour thriller: in the hands of a mad science fiction: Esther children’s book: Bellisa poetry: Siebenmonatskind our goal “, so Mrs Modler, it is fantastic hours to prepare the reader.” 10.05.2010 Britta Modler


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