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    Decided to start trimming (slopes)? The warranty on the product itself and the hardware is retained. However, be prepared for the fact that, in the case of formation of any defects, the firm will argue that the culprit finish, you and made themselves responsible for the organization which does not carry. Multiplies the value depending on the set of functions. The cost depends on the quality of the profile window, features, ways of opening the valves, the number of accessories, komplekiuyuschih and much more. Subtract the extra features. Do not succumb to the entreaties of management to establish enhanced profile or additional unneeded hardware. Remember: the salary of these ‘advisers’ consists of the percentage of transactions, so for them the more expensive – the better. even in the noisy din of the area and you cold enough to be a standard two-or three-chamber glass, and the proposed vent valve (designed for ventilation), and give up altogether.

    It is not designed for our climate and on admission of cold air covered with icing and fails. Test the solution came wizard to install windows. How to control them and what to look for things to be done on the conscience? 1. Take your time. before you withdraw your window, look prepared for the installation to be defective (when will remove your will too late).

    2. Note labeling of the profile (a set of specific inscriptions and figures). If the window is manufactured at the plant have to be marked. If it does, ask the installers that this profile. Often Installers and guileless people uninterested – will tell all. Also: On the thickness of the window joints should not exceed 1 to 2 mm, without chipping, sealing tape on the window between the panes should be continuous whole – otherwise it marriage. 1. During installation, ask your masters how much sealing strip and foam they use and why this is necessary. You may find that you have ordered something extra. 2. Once installed, despite the demands of ‘do not touch window during the day ‘, remove it from the protective film, make sure it opens and closes, inspect for scratches, cracks. Also note: On the screen nor in any case should not hang on the dowels (the weight of the entire design is too large for a single foam and fasteners), to do the corners of the frame is the lower bearing blocks; on the mounting screws should not be too tight, otherwise there will be bending the entire frame; on the outside of the box should not be Pay your balance if you see a defect or lack of paid materials. About all the confusion immediately call the company.

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    Women have always differed from the men that have more sophisticated tastes with respect to items of clothing. However, it is not only in taste but also the desire to dress in accordance with the fashion trends of the season. If, before the Recent men expressed a desire rather weak, the women in any period of time have always tried to match the fashion. However, in order to conform to fashion, as a rule, requires sufficient funds that can afford it, unfortunately not all Russian women. And yet, women in Russia are the part of society, which has the greatest cultural component, including relative to adhere to fashion trends and translate vision into reality. True in recent times, most likely, in view of some outside influences or influences of modern arduous way of life, the female part society in Russia began to lose that feature Russian, with women in Russia have always differed from women in other countries. Now those of the fairer sex who have the financial opportunity simply copy the images taken from the pages of glamorous media, forfeiting all their own individuality. At these "dolls" are usually expensive sparkling clothes, but they remain in total darkness and Most importantly, do not notice the darkness, blinded by the light of the wealth.

    No matter how absurd it seemed to not claim that this woman's personality, close to the fashion trends of any season is based on inexpensive clothes, however, it is. There is no doubt stand out in a mass of people is always easier to apply to this exclusive high-priced models. But in this case, you can be one hundred percent sure that will not be considered woman, namely high-priced models, as well as doing it on the podium. Much nicer, more professional and if you want to do so much more difficult to stand out in a mass of people, using ordinary inexpensive clothing. And if this option fails, the woman can safely consider myself a rich woman. Rich in terms of culture and their own individuality, which is valued much more expensive than any financial resources.

    The most interesting thing is that that a woman dressed like this, becomes the object of attention. At the same time directly on the clothes few people pay attention. The whole effect is that properly selected and tastefully inexpensive clothes, completely in harmony with female appearance and body, creating the perfect fashionable look. And even the presence of a number of "dolls" are not able to destroy that image – the image of a simple Russian woman who knows how to dress in good taste. Source article


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