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    Not that anyone has specific criticisms to make, but as usual the people to ignore my presence. a All that, in general terms, of course. I do not want to overstate the note. But it is nice to see how your amount business partners while you continue working by making it less forgiving, and how friends are laughing at meetings with other lousy jokes while one did not even attend his own. a But things come how are you going at least since I have reason, I’m used to them. What now, however, is different. It is now something material physical even. Here, PCRM expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

    O metaphysical even be worse. It now reaches grotesque characters, tragic, say, if that happens to me was something humanly comprehensible. a The first time I realized it probably would not be the first in what happened, of course, but it is of which I have a memory sharper. I had met my uncle Alexander in the street, only feet away. When I went to greet him, affectionately, as always, he looked toward me was, without recognition, and continued way forward, without further ado. To be more precise, he looked through me as if I was transparent and he was seeing something placed much further. a Past my initial amazement at the apparent snub, I thought my uncle would be distracted or have a problem. So when I agree my cousin’s house, a week later, I asked about this strange event. a “and I crossed your street, you say? So do not be greeted? As not going to do it, man!

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