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    One tastes, BBs which is Sonja stretches the other quite a sour. Nieman Foundation spoke with conviction. At least tell their parents and relatives. The conclusion namely eats girl the favorite pickles, olives, Green apples and spicy mountain cheese that even many adults is too tart. But even if vegetables on the dining plan is, Sonja reliably plastered their portion. Her brother Thomas, four years, has quite a different culinary likes and dislikes. He would eat only white bread, ham and pasta. For fruit or vegetables he has hardly anything left over and over even more when MOM broccoli, spinach & co serves.

    Parents Sonja and Thomas again wonder about the different tastes of their offspring. Like them, it goes many Mommies and daddies. Ask yourself: why tastes our kids actually, what taste? The innate preference for sweet, fatty and salty the expression of taste preferences is subject to various influences. Newer “Research also analyze whether the genetic predisposition has influence, which courts achieve the rank of a favorite food, and why the same food from others rather than grauslich” are perceived. Cultural, local and religious influences on the individual taste are secured. The research also agrees that preferences for sweet, salty and fat are innate as well as the instinctive rejection of bitter and sour. The man is programmed to absorb as much energy and nutrients to survive,”explains Univ.-Prof. Dr.

    Ibrahim Elmadfa, Director of the Institute for nutritional sciences of the University of Vienna. “So also the innate dislike of many people against acidic and bitter can be explained: namely instinctively eat less and therefore less energy.” It is also possible that our ancestors in the course of the millennia learned to avoid bitter because many toxic plants make rather bitter taste, while sweet in nature tend to be rather rich in vitamins and nutrients. But how can it be that the small Sonja despite all this so likes pickles, olives and co? “You know can’t teach the baby, it also later not likes to eat we eat what we like, but we like what we eat often,” said Hanni Rutzler, science, food psychologist and author.

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